These Simple Acts Of Kindness Just Gave The World A Reason To Hope

The world can often feel like a cruel and thoughtless place. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to overlook our fellow man as we hurry along trying to get from one thing to the next.

When you’re going through life like this, of course it’s easy for you to lose perspective. You can also lose an appreciation for all of the good things that people are actually capable of doing.

However, there are good people doing kind things for others every single day. Here are 24 such examples that just might warm your heart—and restore your faith in humanity!

1. This man needed someone to repair his prized vintage Zippo lighter. He mailed his lighter to the Zippo company itself, but he never counted on receiving a quick response, a repaired lighter, and this heartwarming message.

2. When you’re out of work, even the little expenses in life can add up to become massive headaches. It can be easy to forget this once you’ve gotten a job, but the people who own this dry cleaning business clearly remember the struggle.

3. If you don’t have insurance, paying for your required medical treatments can be frustrating, scary, and incredibly difficult. That said, it’s a relief if you find a doctor who understands your position and goes the extra mile to help you.

4. How many times have you shaken your fist in a parking lot when you find that there’s just one motorcycle in a perfectly good parking spot? These road warriors aren’t just leather-clad legends, they’re all really good guys, too!

5. When Cameron Lyle went to college, he was on a fast track to becoming a serious professional athlete. But he wasn’t going to let his own dreams stop him from helping to save the life of another person.

6. It can be difficult to drive in a parking lot where there are pickup trucks taking up space. Their beds tend to protrude into the lot, making navigating difficult for smaller vehicles. It’s clear the driver of this truck knows just that and prioritized perfect parking to help out.

7. It turns out that Subway is more than just your typical sandwich chain. This tremendous act of kindness might seem small, but to the homeless man in question, it means the world—and then some. More businesses should take a cue from this shop!

8. Have you ever been driving in a parking lot looking for a space and spotted one… only to find out that a teeny smart car is already in that spot? It can be such a bummer. Kudos to this smart car driver for making it obvious that the space is taken.

9. People like to whine and moan about how politicians never really “do” anything. That’s definitely not true of Rahm Emmanuel! As mayor of Chicago, he didn’t mind at all using his title to help her out.

10. Is there anything more frightening than winding up behind a driver who is just starting out? This sweet student made sure that the people behind him knew exactly what was up in the clearest way possible!

11. Returning home from a trip only to find your car’s interior rain-soaked from accidentally leaving the windows open is such a terrible hassle. It was so nice of this person’s neighbors to spare them having to suffer through cleaning out and drying their ride.

12. This is the truest form of friendship on the planet. Look at how this boy has no problem at all doing his friend’s favorite activity if it means getting to help him just enjoy himself a little bit.

13. It doesn’t get much better than an entire city shutting down to reinvent itself all in order to make a sick boy feel like his favorite hero for a day. It’s enough to make you weep with pride at what good people are capable of doing!

14. This should be how it is everywhere! Women need to use feminine hygiene products like tampons at least once a month. IKEA is setting a great example by making them free of charge to all.

15. Sometimes hard-hitting journalism means pounding the pavement for sources and breaks in the case. Other times, it means dressing up like a bunch of grapes all to help a young boy feel supported. Whatever needs to be done for the scoop!

16. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in exceptional shape. As a former wrestler, an athlete, and an actor it’s his job! He could show off his body whenever he wanted to, but he also knows that can make other people feel insecure.

17. When this family moved into this house and decided to build a fence, they could have easily cut down this tree to give them more room. Instead, they worked the tree into their plans and spared its life.

18. The price of gas can be absolutely astronomical these days. The fact that this business was happy to offer the good stuff to its patrons all in the name of providing excellent service is enough to make anyone’s heart soar.

19. Ford’s Crown Victoria is widely recognized as the car model most police officers use during their patrols. It’s so recognizable, in fact, that if you see one driving down the street—even without the flashing lights—you’ll immediately think you’re about to get pulled over. This driver was kind enough to let people know the truth and soothe their worried minds!

20. When these neighbors confronted the man who lived next door about being too loud, he could have easily lost his cool. Instead, he gave them this sincere apology letter—and a coupon for a free lunch!

21. We’ve all been in tight spots before when it comes to parking. This student could have missed her exam if she hadn’t parked illegally. Luckily, this was one traffic officer who took pity on her. How kind is that?

22. When you have a physical disability, people often dismiss you or assume that there are certain things you just can’t do. This man not only proved them wrong, but he set a powerful example for this young boy.

23. Most places relish being able to charge a little bit extra when it comes to selling chilled water on a very hot day, but not these folks! They are more than happy to lose money if it means keeping people happy and comfortable in 116°F heat.

24. Ebenezer Scrooge could definitely learn something from these landlords! What an amazing gesture! Plus, it means that all of their tenants have a little bit of extra money to spend on buying gifts for the people they love.

When you see examples of kindness like these, your faith in all mankind is sure to be restored! What awesome examples of how to treat your fellow neighbors.

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