13 Unlikely Animal Friendships That Are Just Pure Joy

Friendship is one of the most positive experiences that people can have in their lifetimes. It’s always reassuring to know that you have a platonic, positive relationship with somebody who cares about you.

Oftentimes, these friendships form among people who seem to have incredibly different personalities or lifestyles. You don’t necessarily need to have much in common with another individual to be able to find a special bond!

This is as true for animals as it is for humans. In fact, the following creatures were all able to make friends with a horse of a different color… literally!

1. Which baby animal is cuter: a kitten or a fawn? Thankfully, you don’t have to choose with these two! When they’re together, it seems cuteness follows them wherever they go. Someone get Disney on the line, stat!


2. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Since they were babies, Leo the African lion, Baloo the American black bear, and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger have made their home at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia. They were found as cubs by police in a basement during a drug bust.


3. Tanja Brandt loves to take pictures of her German shepherd and his special owl friend, and we can’t blame her. The pup enjoys carrying his feathered pal around in the wilderness outside of their home in Germany.


4. After adopting Bob the golden retriever when he was just four months old, 31-year-old Luiz Higa, Jr. of San Paolo, Brazil was delighted to see the dog become good friends with his pet hamster… and eight birds.


5. Mtani the Labrador retriever has been best friends with Kasi the cheetah since they were introduced in Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida at the ages of 16 and eight weeks, respectively. It looks like cats and dogs can coexist peacefully after all!


6. Nine-week-old Sutra the lynx and 20-month-old Varli the chimpanzee immediately hit it off when they were introduced in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Safari. They even sleep next to each other!


7. A coffee shop in Japan is home to this owl and his special cat friend. They’re just so cute, the way that they snuggle up together. They’re almost like something out of a children’s book or fairytale, huh?


8. Candy the Jack Russell terrier of Ehringhausen, Germany seems like he simply cannot believe how much fun he is having with his friend Manni, a five-week old boar. Look at that smile!


9. Tommy the golden retriever and his best friend, Salati the 10-month-old leopard, are being raised together in South Africa’s Glen Afric County Lodge. They’re both so sweet!


10. Apparently this goat is such good friends with this donkey that he has no problem jumping on his buddy’s back! It’s like he’s going for a piggy-back—er, donkey-back ride!


11. One wouldn’t normally think that a male brown bear and a female gray wolf would get along, but these two seem to like each other quite a bit! At least they have their predatory nature in common.


12. “Just my gf’s hamster trying to escape while my dog sleeps,” said the Imgur user who posted this adorable photo. Look at that little guy’s face! It’s as if he’s saying, “Listen, I like cuddling with you and all, but I really need to use the potty!”


13. Cats have a reputation for letting their predatory instincts get the better of them whenever they’re around birds, but this furry feline doesn’t appear to have anything but love for his feathered friend!


These interspecies relationships not only defy stereotypes, but they show that true friendship knows no bounds. We humans can learn a few lessons from them!

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