12 Heroic Animals Who Stepped In To Save People’s Lives When All Hope Seemed Lost

Animals are remarkable in so many ways, and are far more intelligent and caring than we give them credit for. Many people that have had special pets in their lives can attest to this.

When things go wrong, an animal’s natural instincts often kick in, and they will sometimes do the unthinkable, throwing themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives of their owners; in certain cases, they save lives in the face of unbelievable odds.

These 12 animals all did exactly that, and their true stories are amazing. Each of them are a testament to the fact that animals often care about us as much as we care about them.

1. Kabang saved her owner’s little girl and her niece by pushing them out of the way of a speeding motorcycle. She suffered serious injuries, but their story touched people around the world. With the help of so many people’s donations, she was able to have life-saving surgery.


2. A 12-year-old shih tzu named Babu insisted that his owner, 85-year-old Tami Akanuma, take him for a walk. When she opened the door, Babu forced her in the opposite direction of where they would normally walk and up a nearby hill. Minutes later, Tami turned back to see the devastating 2011 Tsunami overtake her town, destroying everything including her home.

3. When his owner started choking on a piece of apple that had gotten lodged in her windpipe, Toby the golden retriever dislodged it by pouncing on her chest. She said when she began breathing again that Toby started to lick her face!


4. Llamas make some of the best therapy animals in the world. In this photo, Pisco gets a hug from a nurse at the hospice facility he visits monthly to calm terminally ill patients in the last stage of their lives.


5. When four armed robbers broke into his owners’ home and one of them pointed a firearm at the father, Lefty the pit bull leaped in its path and took the bullet for him. He suffered devastating injuries and had to have a leg amputated, but he survived.


6. Robert Biggs was hiking in California when a mountain lion attacked him out of nowhere, biting his arm. Some nearby bears came to his aid and fought the mountain lion off, saving Biggs’ life.


7. When Killian the dog started acting very suspicious around the family’s new babysitter, the parents decided to leave an iPhone under their couch to record what happened when they were gone. They discovered the babysitter was abusing their 7-month-old boy. Thanks to Killian, the baby is now safe.


8. A woman named Yang Yun entered a competition to see who could hold their breath the longest. When she decided she was done and began to resurface, the arctic temperatures paralyzed her legs, leaving her unable to move. She had already lost all hope when a beluga whale grabbed her leg and lifted her to the surface, saving her life.


9. Jo Ann Altsman suffered a heart attack with only her pig Lulu in the house. Lulu ran towards a nearby road. Every time a car would drive by, Lulu would lie down in hopes they would stop. Each time a car didn’t stop, she would run back to check on her human, then back to the road. Finally, a motorcyclist stopped and followed Lulu into the home. He called 9-1-1 and Jo Ann’s life was saved.


10. Wendy Humphrey had a malignant tumor that was going to metastasize if it was left untreated. Her 10-month-old cat started to continuously jump on her breast for weeks, until Wendy finally decided to see a doctor. The doctor discovered the tumor early enough, and Wendy lived.


11. Therapy dogs can be truly special creatures. Pictured here are two Newtown therapy dogs that helped the children and parents after the tragic school shootings in December 2012.


12. In 2005, a young girl in Ethiopia was abducted and beaten by seven men attempting to force her into marriage. A week after they left her for dead, authorities found the girl safe, and it appeared she was being guarded by three nearby lions. When the policemen approached, the lions walked away, as if knowing the little girl was now in safe hands.


The amazing thing is that these courageous acts happen more often than you might think. As if we needed more proof that animals are amazing?

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