28 Klutzy Animals That Are Just As Adorable As They Are Totally Hilarious

If there’s one thing people and animals have in common, it’s that everyone is capable of being clumsy and looking a little foolish every now and then.

No matter how hard you may try, sometimes you just can’t help but trip over yourself and look like a total klutz.

All of these clumsy animals know a thing or two about that. At times like these, when you fail as hard as they did, the only option is to laugh it off…

1. Here, this woman is posing for a nice photograph and all is normal. Except, what’s that down there in the corner? Oh, just the very definition of a scaredy cat. You have to wonder what he’s looking at…


2. This dog’s outfit doesn’t speak much to its actual personality. The rhinestone crown and bright pink skirt scream, “I’m a royal doggy,” but her facial expression is saying, “I’m a big, old goofball!”


3. Everyone wants to have their own space in a crowded home, but this dog is taking that mindset to a totally different level. That sure doesn’t look comfortable. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner… except for maybe Baby.”


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