28 Klutzy Animals That Are Just As Adorable As They Are Totally Hilarious

If there’s one thing people and animals have in common, it’s that everyone is capable of being clumsy and looking a little foolish every now and then.

No matter how hard you may try, sometimes you just can’t help but trip over yourself and look like a total klutz.

All of these clumsy animals know a thing or two about that. At times like these, when you fail as hard as they did, the only option is to laugh it off…

1. Here, this woman is posing for a nice photograph and all is normal. Except, what’s that down there in the corner? Oh, just the very definition of a scaredy cat. You have to wonder what he’s looking at…


2. This dog’s outfit doesn’t speak much to its actual personality. The rhinestone crown and bright pink skirt scream, “I’m a royal doggy,” but her facial expression is saying, “I’m a big, old goofball!”


3. Everyone wants to have their own space in a crowded home, but this dog is taking that mindset to a totally different level. That sure doesn’t look comfortable. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner… except for maybe Baby.”


4. Relaxing on the couch at the end of eight long hours of work is practically a necessity on most days. This silly dog might want to practice proper posture from now on, though. He’s about a centimeter away from doing a split!


5. Running wild through the forest is just about as freeing as it can get for a dog. That is, until he trips over the wrong root. “I didn’t see anything, who tripped me?” That’s definitely going to leave a mark.


6. This cat certainly knows the importance of sprawling out and kicking back. “Hey can’t you see I’m trying to relax and watch some television here? I had a hard day at the office. So sue me.”


7. This cat looks like it might have eaten some rotten salmon right before the photograph was taken. “Who cooked the fish tonight? My compliments definitely aren’t going to the chef of that meal, that’s for sure.”


8. Practicing proper hygiene is an important part of being a clean and healthy animal. This dog certainly knows all about that. “Nobody likes me when I’m soapy, but they love me when I’m all clean!”


9. This husky is practicing her high-flying circus routine with her partner. “I’m a contortionist and you will regard me as such!” Just look at that form. It might be time to work on gracefulness, though…


10. To the tune of the Spider-Man theme: “Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat. Does whatever a Spider-Cat can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look Out! Here comes the Spider-Cat.” That’s definitely a show that most people would watch!


11. Everyone knows that cats don’t have opposable thumbs, so they miss out on sucking their thumbs as kittens. “We all have our vices and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a thumbsucker.”


12. Look at the bright orange coat of the tiger and of that pumpkin. It makes you wonder if it thinks the pumpkin is its tiger baby? “Hey, why aren’t you responding to me? I’m your mother!”


13. Dogs definitely have a tendency to be territorial of their homes and living spaces. This dog bends over backwards to ensure that no one attempts to take his space. “Holding my ground is a real pain in the neck.”


14. “When you put your shoes on that means we’re going for a walk. So I’m going to start putting your shoes on my paws first and then you’ll know that I want to go for a walk.” That’s surely a way of getting things done.


15. “My mom always said it’s important to smile on picture day.” Maybe he should’ve shown a little less tongue and a little more teeth, though. The end result is a little more “derp” than “aww, that’s cute.”


16. “How much for the kitty in the window? The one with the waggly tail. How much is that kitty in the window? I do hope that kitty’s for sale.” That cat’s not up for sale, it’s stuck in the window!


17. This poor cat was just trying to get a new head shot so she could go and land some acting gigs. Looks like she might’ve tried to catch some snowflakes on her tongue. It’s not too often that cats see the snow up close.


18. Getting your hair done is an easy way to look and feel your very best every day. “Don’t take my picture! I’m here to get my hair done and you’re taking my picture before I’m finished? Shame on you.”


19. Either this dog unexpectedly fell asleep, nosedived right into the floor and was too tired to move, or he worships the ground his owner walks on. “Your majesty, I kiss the ground on which you walk.”


20. “My mom tells me that I have the nicest smile in the whole wide world, so I smile as big as I can!” Maybe the photographer should’ve picked a more flattering angle for this pooch.


21. “You’re always goofing off in pictures. Can’t we just take a nice one together for once, Todd? Every year we send out our Christmas cards, everyone comments on how silly you look. I’m sick of having to roll my eyes.”


22. “This is my ‘stay off my yard’ face and I think it’s working. No one will come near me since I started using it. Oh look, a squirrel. I better keep doing the face and he’ll be sure to stay out of our yard forever.”


23. There is an art and technique to taking a successful selfie. This dog hasn’t quite mastered it, though. “Hey, look at me. I’m imitating my owner. I can’t wait to upload this picture to Dog-stagram. It’s going to get so many likes.”


24. This cat looks like he demands his owner’s attention at all times. Who can blame him? It looks like it’s working just fine, as well. “Please pet me, sir. Purr-etty please. Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”


25. This dog definitely sees something that he wants off camera, or maybe he just has an interesting smile. “My mommy said that my overbite is my best quality. Don’t you agree with her? She’s always right”


26. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It makes you wonder where this dog learned this move. “I always see my owner making this face, so I think I’m going to give it a shot. Wow, that really is pretty fun to do!”


27. Apparently the very idea of taking a nice family photograph for the picture wall is enough to make this canine dizzy. “I don’t like having my picture taken. Please don’t make me take a picture.”


28. “I always wondered what it would look like if I had lips. I guess this random piece of bologna will achieve the look. Hmm, I totally thought it was going to look a lot better than that!”

I always knew that animals and humans were more alike than people would like to admit. These goofballs just prove it!

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