The 10 Passengers No One Ever Wants To Sit Next To On A Plane

There’s really nothing worse than having to endure a long flight. If you’re not stuck taxiing the runway with delays, then you’re crammed into your seat next to a person who’s sneezing and coughing the entire time.

While it can be annoying to sacrifice an armrest or to get up when others need to use the bathroom, rest assured that it could be much worse.

Take these 10 airline passengers, for example. Rather than becoming upset when they were faced with annoyances while in the air, they took pictures—and the results were absolutely hilarious.

1. Not only is this inconsiderate passenger sitting next to a gigantic stuffed panda bear, but he’s doing so while blocking the fire exit. Let’s just hope he’d help save the actual passengers before the toy in the case of an emergency.


2. Sure, you’ve been stuck on the runway waiting for bad weather to pass, but have you ever been asked to get off of the aircraft and attempt to push it down the runway? Talk about serious jet lag…


3. Just because the airline offers alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean it’s okay to treat your flight as a fraternity party. Apparently, this guy didn’t get the memo. He’s in for a rude awakening—er, hangover…


4. That awkward moment when you’re minding your own business and you realize the man next to you is also on the cover of Sky Mall. Talk about a weird chance encounter. He’s got the headphones and everything!


5. This passenger had to be taped to his chair with his mouth shut after it was reported that he drank an entire bottle of liquor and started shouting that the plane was going to crash. He also attempted to fight the people who were trying to calm him down…


6. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to get a little shut-eye during a flight… but when you sprawl out into the other people’s seats and into the aisle, then you’re just asking for a world of trouble. Talk about a pain in the neck!


7. This snoozing passenger looks like a little puppy the way he’s taking a nap. Also, he’s got his shoes off. Not only is he in the way of other passengers, but he’s likely stinking up the joint! Bad boy.



8. You’ve probably had a stress dream at some point in your lifetime where you drag a roll of toilet paper out into  public with your trousers. Well, this guy’s dreams came true… and everyone noticed.

9. Celebrities: they’re just like us—and they fly coach! In case you can’t tell, that’s Hugo from the TV series Lost. If you recall what happened when he was on a flight during that show, though, you might not want to be sitting next to him…



10. The passenger who snapped this photograph noted that the girl slept like this for an entire eight-hour flight. That’s a whole lot of mouth-breathing to put up with! At least one of them is going to be well-rested, right?


Well, those were some embarrassing pictures. Now you know to be mindful and to stay within your designated space the next time you board a flight!

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