11-Year-Old’s Brutally Honest Letter To Her Dad’s Rich Friend Goes Viral In The Funniest Way

When it comes to buying a product, it’s difficult to know who and what to trust. Advertisers slyly find ways to avoid being accurate about the quality to keep costs low, and salespeople have a reputation for over-promising in the effort to make a quick buck.

The Girl Scouts of America have mastered the art of selling, too. Once cookie season rolls around, these pint-sized peddlers of everyone’s favorite sweet treats (Samoas, anyone?) scour neighborhoods hoping to reach their sales goals. Of course, it’s for a good cause—all profits go back to local troops to help raise money for uniforms and programs. Still, some scouts can make for ruthless salespeople.

At $4 or $5 a box, the cookies are pretty costly, and it can be difficult to choose among the myriad flavors. Eleven-year-old Girl Scout Charlotte McCourt knows this, and has tailored her sales pitch that’ll have you in hysterics!

When 11-year-old Girl Scout Charlotte McCourt learned that her father’s best friend from high school was “very rich,” she saw dollar signs. With his funds, imagine how many cookies she could sell!


So she snuck onto her dad’s computer and drafted an email to his old pal—only this time, in a departure from typical sales methods, she decided to be brutally honest. Charlotte’s father—who happens to be a producer for Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe—shared the email with Rowe, who read it out loud to his fans on YouTube.


Charlotte’s brutally honest cookie reviews are bound to have anyone in stitches!

Whether Charlotte goes into a career in sales, copywriting, or poetry (“bleak, flavorless wasteland”), it’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her. More importantly, she must have sold a lot of cookies!

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