25 Celebrities Who Are Almost Certainly Time Travelers

Have you ever noticed that, as years go by, the people we meet seem to resemble figures in our history books? Perhaps this occurs from coincidence, or maybe combinations of physical traits are bound to repeat themselves once in awhile. Whatever the reason, it’s almost creepy when an old painting or photograph looks like someone from today.

But physical similarities are even more coincidental when they involve modern celebrities. We often like to think that famous people are one-of-a-kind, but apparently, even stars can resemble people of the past.

These 25 celebrities are so scarily similar to pictures of historic figures, it will make you wonder who looked like you in the past!

1. Nicholas Cage may be famous for his intense roles–he played a man who steals the Constitution in order to access a treasure map on the back, after all. Now, he’s famous for another reason: he happens to look exactly like this Confederate soldier named Robert M. Smith. Maybe Cage is more of a “National Treasure” than anyone knew?

newcageJerod Harris / The Thanatos Archive : NicholasCageOnFire / YouTube

2. John Travolta bears a striking resemblance to the man in this 150-year-old photo. Their bone structures, face shape, and features—right down to the cleft chin!—are scarily similar. They even have matching sideburns! Coincidence? Maybe not!

travolta2eBay / Fox Photos : Unknown / imdb

3. Keanu Reeves may be 52 years old, but he looks exactly like this actor from 19th century France named Paul Monet. Some people theorize that they’re actually the same person because of their striking similarities.

keanu2Eric Charbonneau / Wikimedia Commons : Niko Tavernise / imdb

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