Clever Colonial Slang Terms That Are Still Surprisingly Relevant Today

The English language is an ever-evolving way for people to communicate with one another. Since its introduction, men and women have found different ways to say words with the same meaning.

While we’ve grown accustomed to the slang phrases that people use in the modern era, people in colonial times utilized vastly different colloquialisms.

In fact, the slang terms of the colonial period were so different that we’ve collected 38 of them to prove just how much so! You’re not going to be able to stop repeating these to your friends…

1. The colonial slang phrase: Apple dumpling shop.

How it was used during that era: Believe it or not, this term wasn’t used to tell people where they could get an apple dumpling, but instead, to describe a woman’s bosom.


2. The colonial slang phrase: Bear-garden jaw.

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