20 Strange Coincidences That Prove The World Is Even More Mysterious Than We Realize

Coincidences are always an interesting part of life. Whether it’s running into a long-lost friend at a random location or experiencing an event you might have been thinking about just moments earlier, they always make the day more exciting.

While serendipitous occurrences happen all the time, it’s rare that someone with a camera is in the right place at the right time to snap a photo of them. When a coincidence is captured on film, though, it’s nothing short of brilliant – and these 20 amazing photos prove it!

1. If you look closely, you’ll see that this is just a tricky optical illusion. This chef’s hat is the same shade of blue as the sky. If you follow the outline around his forehead and toward his ear, you can find the edges!

2. Pink Floyd would be proud of this picture. Whoever owns this album saw the rainbow light on their carpet and took advantage of this great opportunity to extend the prism of light from the band’s album cover.

3. This picture is incredible! A bird watcher just happened to flip open his book to identify nearby species when the exact species he was reading about flew out of the woods and landed on the page. This had to be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!

4. If you just saw this license plate without the adorable pooch peeking out the back window, you’d be slightly confused. As soon as he popped his head into view—and showed off that ear single floppy ear—it would all make sense!

5. Lots of people listen to their favorite tunes while on the morning commute to work, but what are the odds that those earbud wires would fall into the shape of a perfect treble clef? It’s so pretty… and pretty crazy!

6. This statue has quite the hairdo happening! It almost looks like a massive turban, but when you really look closely, you can tell it’s actually a bee’s nest that perfectly framed the face of this marble man.

7. If someone in the car behind this truck didn’t snap this photo, no one would have ever believed how perfectly the graphic on the back lined up with the actual scenery in the background. Let’s just hope it was the passenger and not the driver!

8. It’s almost like this dragonfly saw this person’s tattoo and wanted to give it some company. Is it possible that he recognized a two-dimensional version of his species and came to say hello? Crazier things have happened!

9. Check out the shape of the flames this fire-breather is spitting out. Recognize anything? That’s right—it looks like a dragon is staring back at this man, thus creating one of the most mesmerizing images around.

10. This corgi had no idea how perfectly he aligned himself with the incoming suds from this wave. Just look at the single stripe of white fur and the foam on the shoreline. What a photogenic little doggy!

11. This picture looks like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean! It seems like a phantom ship is slowly sailing across the clouded sky high above this neighborhood. Could it be the Black Pearl?

12. What a throw! Playing darts is tough enough, but to land your shot directly into another dart is nearly impossible. Even if this photo was a setup (and we can’t say for sure it wasn’t), the idea still makes a great picture.

13. Just in case you have no idea what that massive floating orb is in the sky, there’s a sign to tell you! The person who put that sign there had to have known what they were doing.

14. Do you think these truck drivers knew what they were doing when they set out on their routes? Probably not, but thankfully this happened. It would have been even weirder if the person who snapped this photo was also listening to Taylor Swift at the time.

15. Not only is this picture an amazingly timed coincidence, it also carries a deep message. With all the chaos occurring in the world today, it does seem that many countries are, in fact, uninvolved when it comes to solving world issues.

16. License plates are made up of a random assortment of numbers and letters, so the chances of parking next to a person with a plate one number away from your own is astronomical. These people were probably standing right next to each other at the DMV!

17. Well, this is the unluckiest lottery player in the world. Can you believe every number was just one away from the jackpot? Too bad you don’t win anything for incredible coincidences.

18. Someone took this sign to heart and did exactly what it said. After the glass finally gets fixed, maybe someone should change the sign in case another person decides to take it way too literally.

19. This might be the most motivated grass in the world! Was someone watering it with Red Bull? Even though it was clear that someone simply stuck a tuft of weeds into the top of this sign post, it’s more fun to picture its epic journey from the ground up to the top.

20. Their owner will never confuse the three little guys in this photo thanks to their helpful markings. How funny that these siblings would get spots that also indicate how many of them there are! Wonder which puppy was born first?

These photos are incredible! The next time you see something coincidental, don’t hesitate to pull out your camera and snap a picture.

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