25 Insanely Creative Ways To Make Use Of Old Pennies

Loose change is one of those things that just seems to accumulate. Not that we mind—money is money, after all. But before you know it, you’ve collected more spare change in your couch cushions than you know what to do with.

The humble penny might just be the most criminally underrated coin in the purse. Worth only one cent, they don’t seem to go too far when purchasing something. That said, there are myriad ways to reuse old pennies and get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

For proof, look no further than these 25 incredible ideas that show how some creative folks managed to truly get their penny’s worth!

1. This tongue-in-cheek stamped penny can be incorporated into almost any piece of jewelry. It’s definitely a fun fashion statement, and of course, it’s quite inexpensive as well! Not only that, but it’s a pun.

2. This creative person strung multiple pennies together for a chic modern necklace. Can’t you just imagine how impressed people will be when you walk into the next wedding or other formal event wearing this?

3. Similarly, you can remove the faces of the pennies for a rustic touch to your jewelry. Nobody ever has to know that they once bore the face of the sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln!

penny jewelry3

4. These buttons made from ordinary pennies can help add a dash of whimsy to your wardrobe. They can be used for just about any outfit when you think about it, so start getting creative!

penny jewelry5

5. These curved buttons were made using a doming block. They definitely look like the kinds of things that could turn traditional arts and crafts projects into something much more sophisticated.

penny jewelry4

6. If you don’t want to actually wear your recycled pennies, there are lots of other inventive ways to incorporate them into your home décor. These penny coasters make for a fun home accessory, for instance.

7. These lovely napkin rings would make a truly fantastic and classy addition to your next dinner party, even if it’s not fancy. Your guests will certainly be impressed by your ingenuity!

penny accessory1

8. You can also serve your dinner party guests in style with this shiny tray made of all sorts of pennies. Not only that, but this would make an ideal centerpiece on your coffee table.

penny accessory3

9. These spinning penny toys will keep your younger guests entertained for hours. Children can even their own and see all the colorful combinations they can come up with. They’re even better (and cheaper) than fidget spinners!

10. You can brighten up any floral arrangement with this mosaic penny vase. It should be able to fit in perfectly to just about any other kind of décor, and it gives the room a nice shine to boot.

11. On that same token (no pun intended), you can paint the pennies white for a clean, uniform look if you feel like that might fit the aesthetic of your home better. There are so many possibilities!

penny vase1

12. This color-coded penny arrangement makes a simple but eye-catching art piece. It may take some time to identify the right pennies and set them up perfectly, but it would definitely be worth it!

penny wall art1

13. Use the dates on pennies to create a meaningful gift honoring life’s momentous occasions. It really shouldn’t be that challenging to find a penny for each and every year in recent memory!

14. Use as many pennies as you can to create an elegant, sparkling mirror frame just like this one. From a distance, it may not even look like it’s made from pennies at all, so your guests are sure to be impressed.

penny wall art3

15. You can even “mirror” the penny’s shape for a twist on the same basic idea. Whatever shape you have for your mirror, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up your pennies to match it.

16. When it comes to pennies, you can add just about anything you can think of to your wall. You can write out different words that fit the purpose of every room throughout the entire house…

17. You can even create pieces of three-dimensional art that are guaranteed to make a statement. Pennies may be the cheapest form of American currency, but they can still make things look expensive and valuable!

18. You can also use the penny’s natural shine to catch the sunlight in your garden. Try this for yourself and just wait until you see how beautifully the light reflects off of your penny installation!

19. Additionally, why not try adding a unique touch to a simple birdhouse like this one? You’ll be sure to attract only the classiest birds in the entire neighborhood with something like this! Who can resist?

20. This tabletop creates a never-ending optical illusion in your very own home. M.C. Escher would be proud of your ingenuity, and your guests won’t be able to believe how artistic you are!

penny table1

21. Similarly, this penny-themed bar brings some subtle texture into the kitchen. You’ll be the talk of the town after your guests see you serving drinks on a bar that looks amazing—but only costs a fraction of a typical bar.

penny table2

22. This penny-lined coffee table is clearly the focal point of any room. Plus, who knew that pennies could so perfectly match the color, tone, and textures of natural pine cones like these?

penny table3

23. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even make yourself an entire wall out of pennies! It might take some work (and those little pennies definitely add up), but you can’t say it’s not impressive.

24. As an alternative, you can create a bold accent piece by placing the pennies on a section of the wall. It will definitely wow anyone who walks by. In fact, you might even literally hear them say “wow” out loud!

25. Finally, you can top all of the penny projects with the mother of them all: this absolutely gorgeous penny-coated kitchen floor! It might take a little more work, but the results don’t get much better…

penny wall3

For any of these projects, you’ll need to decide if you want your pennies to have a weathered effect or if you prefer that they look shiny and new. Try this technique to remove grime off of old pennies and restore the natural copper sheen underneath.

After seeing these creative ideas, you’re definitely going to want to start stockpiling old pennies. Turns out they’re worth a whole lot more than just a cent!

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