The 7 Ways A Tampon Can Save Someone’s Life In The Wild

The motto of the Boy Scouts is “always be prepared.” This is a great motto for young men to learn early on, and it’s one that can apply to every single facet of life.

So what does being prepared mean when you’re a Scout? It means being able to build a fire, perform proper first aid, and learning how to survive in the wilderness.

However, what the Boy Scouts could learn from their Girl Scout counterparts is that they’re missing a key tool from their readiness kits: tampons. That’s right, it turns out that tampons are good for a whole lot more than what their inventors intended.

1. If you run out of food, you can use the string of a tampon to act as the trigger for a small hunting snare. You might think of a tampon as just a small useless piece of cotton, but the truth is it could help catch your next meal. 

1-animal-snare-tamponWillow Haven Outdoor

2. Cut yourself and lacking a first aid kit? The cotton batting inside the tampon makes for an absorbent bandage in a pinch. All you have to do is slice down the side of the tampon and create a nice rectangle of material. 

2-tampon-bandageWillow Haven Outdoor

3. If you’re hunting, the cotton inside a tampon can make for excellent fletching on your handcrafted blow-darts. Fletching isn’t just for decoration, either. A well-fletched dart is much easier to aim and will increase the likelihood of hitting your target. 

3-tampon-dart-in-treeWillow Haven Outdoor

4. If you run out of drinking water, use the cotton filling and an old plastic water bottle to make a filter. All you need to do is cut open your water bottle and remove the excess plastic minus one panel you can keep for drinking. Then, jam the tampon cotton into the top of the bottle. 

4-tampon-filter-no-waterWillow Haven Outdoot

This will rid the water of some debris and impurities. That’s right, using a tampon and the cotton that comes with it can actually save your life and give you real drinking water. Just make sure you are using unscented tampons. 

6-tampon-filterWillow Haven Outdoor

5. If there is not enough water to filter, you can use the entire applicator itself as a straw. This might sound crazy, but it is a popular trick known by survivalists and camping enthusiasts all over the world, so don’t rule it out just yet! 

8-tampon-survival-straw-1Willow Haven Outdoor

To use your extra tampon as a straw with a built-in filter, simply remove the wrapper which is keeping the tampon sterile and put the base of the applicator into your water source. Then, sip carefully through the thin end of the applicator. 
9-tampon-survival-strawWillow Haven Outdoor

6. Need a fire to cook the food you’ve caught? The cotton makes a brilliant fire-starter. This one doesn’t take much work at all, either. All you need to do to get your fire going is to remove the cotton from the tampon, shred it, and insert it between your pieces of dry timber. 

6-tampon-fire-starterWillow Haven Outdoor

7. The sun sets but you’re not ready for bed? Use the string and some vegetable oil to act as a wick for an impromptu candle. You might not get a very bright light, and it might not last for very long, but if you’re in an emergency situation it can make a real difference! 

7-tampon-string-wickWillow Have Outdoors

We bet you never knew that tampons could be used for so many different functions. Let’s just hope you never find yourself in a situation where you need to use them this way!

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