The 7 Ways A Tampon Can Save Someone’s Life In The Wild

The motto of the Boy Scouts is “always be prepared.” This is a great motto for young men to learn early on, and it’s one that can apply to every single facet of life.

So what does being prepared mean when you’re a Scout? It means being able to build a fire, perform proper first aid, and learning how to survive in the wilderness.

However, what the Boy Scouts could learn from their Girl Scout counterparts is that they’re missing a key tool from their readiness kits: tampons. That’s right, it turns out that tampons are good for a whole lot more than what their inventors intended.

1. If you run out of food, you can use the string of a tampon to act as the trigger for a small hunting snare. You might think of a tampon as just a small useless piece of cotton, but the truth is it could help catch your next meal. 

1-animal-snare-tamponWillow Haven Outdoor

2. Cut yourself and lacking a first aid kit? The cotton batting inside the tampon makes for an absorbent bandage in a pinch. All you have to do is slice down the side of the tampon and create a nice rectangle of material. 

2-tampon-bandageWillow Haven Outdoor

3. If you’re hunting, the cotton inside a tampon can make for excellent fletching on your handcrafted blow-darts. Fletching isn’t just for decoration, either. A well-fletched dart is much easier to aim and will increase the likelihood of hitting your target. 

3-tampon-dart-in-treeWillow Haven Outdoor

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