8 Great Ideas That Will Make Any Vertical Garden Spectacular

If you’ve got a green thumb there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own fruits and veggies! Investing in a home garden can save you tons of money and spare you endless visits to the grocery store.

However, not all of us live in places where having a sprawling garden is a viable option. If you live in a crowded neighborhood or in an apartment building, finding even a small patch of outdoor space can be tricky.

That’s where vertical gardens come in! Turns out you don’t need a lot of space to grow your own fruits and vegetables after all. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Growing a vertical garden doesn’t just solve space problems. Vertical gardens can protect your plants from animals and disease. It doesn’t need to be fancy to work, look at how this gardener used PVC pipes to form their garden. 

a1186d819de4052fccfda59d9120bd11Top Dreamer

2. This might look like stacks of window boxes, but look a little bit closer and you’ll see that this vertical garden is constructed using old gutters. Cleaning out gutters is a real pain, but not when they are jam-packed with fun plants growing in there!

f17ad8effcfb567c46e764f5877754faGardening Tips

3. Wooden pallets have all sorts of different uses but perhaps none so neat as serving as the frame for your vertical garden. It’s almost like watching your plants grow out of a tree! 

a375a189943bfb5164481ccaf5f362a8Rebecca’s Bird Gardens

4. Growing heavy fruits like watermelon might not seem possible with a vertical garden, but with a little brainpower, it’s a breeze. Create support hammocks like these for your heavy fruits and let them while away the summer days as they ripen.

09aaf7945cfc705e5c5dfb8454806bc0Hawk Hill

5. Using bamboo poles to form trellises for your beans is just as attractive as it is functional. Not only will it keep your legumes elevated, it will act as a beautiful piece of living decoration throughout the growing season. 

7312015e5f8153f4e1f6d1e7909ea55dBlack Gold

6. Cucumbers love to sprawl and take up space in any garden. Elevating them onto a trellis is a great way of keeping them contained without cutting them back. Plus, dangling cucumbers are pretty hilarious. 

82c1af28edb63f3d4ec72291d9840ad4Get Busy Gardening

7. To grow rich, vibrant tomato plants all you need is a roll of twine! It’s true, using string to guide your growing tomato plants will help them grow tall and proud. You’ll be amazed at just how tall they can grow to be!

fa9f588dd0692217ea33bf8f067de5ccVegetable Gardener

8. Rebar, as pictured below, is usually reserved for construction sites, but it makes a great guide for a growing tomato plant. You’re probably used to seeing tomatoes grow in cages, but the truth is, cages can restrict their growth and stakes like these are much more helpful in growing your tomato plant to its full potential. 

10ea5db0480e60687cd15d80a84d069dModern Farmer

There are so many options out there for a plucky urban gardener, so don’t let a lack of space keep you from having the garden of your dreams!

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