Devoted Mama Dog Raises An Orphaned Baby Chimp As One Of Her Own

Being a mother is a serious responsibility. It is about more than just carrying a child inside of your body, it is about nurturing that child and providing them with the care and love they will need to grow and thrive.

Even in the animal kingdom you often see mothers protecting and caring for their young. For some baby animals, the mother who raises them might be different than the one who brought them into this world.

When this young chimpanzee lost his mother, officials at the Russian zoo where he was kept sent him home to stay with a zookeeper. They never imagined what would happen when he got there…

After a mother chimpanzee died in a Russian zoo, one of the zoo’s employees took her baby chimp home to care for it. The cute baby chimp immediately took to the worker’s big dog, and the feeling appeared to be mutual. A bond had been formed instantly.

The chimp wanted to be near her all the time. It never crossed anyone’s mind that his dog, a mastiff who had recently given birth, would adopt the chimp and raise him as her own along with her pups, but she clearly loved the chimp at first sight. 

This mother dog made sure that her newest addition felt like he was a part of the family. When her other puppies hunkered down to eat their dinner, the chimp happily joined them while his adoptive mother looked on. 

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