10 Genius Life Hacks That Are Sure To Make Every Dog’s Life Much Easier

Having a pet can be a totally life-changing experience. Taking care of an animal can help ease depression, improve your physical fitness, and help you meet new people — dog park, anyone?

That goes double when that pet is man’s best friend, a dog! Welcoming a dog into your life isn’t just adding a pet, it’s adding a true friend.

What exactly goes through our dogs’ heads other than “ball” and “food” and “friend” is anyone’s guess, but if dogs had their own version of the Internet, you can bet these hacks would be on it!

1. Does this hack sound familiar? It should. Almost every single dog owner on planet Earth has thrown an imaginary ball for their dog to catch, and every single time, their dog goes running after it. Who knew they were in on it the whole time?


2. Dogs love to eat their own vomit. The only thing they love to eat even more than upchuck? Their own poop. What is wrong with these crazy animals, don’t they have a gag reflex and/ or a sense of decency? This hack reveals all. 


3. It’s true, dogs have accidents, they drool, and they eat things that they are never EVER supposed to eat — say goodbye to your favorite pair of flats! But they are all sure to be on their best behavior when it comes time for a good ol’ belly rub!


4. It’s true what they say: Dogs have never met a small baby or toddler they didn’t want to chase down, tackle, and cover with lots of love and lots of kisses of the slippery wet variety. They don’t know that the object of their affection might, in fact, be terrified. 


5. Dogs may love to nap, but they have zero problem getting up in the up in the morning. It might be hard for the rest of us to get going, but they are the embodiment of sunshine. Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got a fluffy friend to wake you up with a puppy kiss?


6. Yep, it’s true. Sometimes dogs bark for no reason at all. Can you blame them? Spend enough time around human beings and you too will probably start using your voice as much as people. Hey, it works to get people attention, why not pups?


7. Sure, dogs love their owners. They are very loving creatures. But dogs also love snacks. They love them a lot. They love them so much they have no problem being almost as devious as a cat would be if it means getting as many snacks as possible. 


8. Can you really blame dogs for this one? After all, a toilet bowl is basically a dog-sized water dish! Plus it’s got that handy lid for keeping debris out. Still not convinced? How about the fact that every time you flush it you get a fresh drink? It’s no wonder they’re obsessed. 


9. As established earlier in this post, dogs may love their people, but they love snacks almost as much if not more. So it should come as no real surprise that when it comes to hiding tasty treats for later they are going to do it with real care and consideration.


10. As human beings, it is commonly known that, for the most part, thunder and lighting aren’t to be feared; they are just natural parts of storm systems. However, poor pups the world over don’t understand that’s the case. Hence this handy-dandy plan they’ve come up with to keep themselves safe during storms. 


These hacks really make it easy to crawl inside your dog’s head and get a funny idea of just what he thinks of the world! If only dogs could talk.

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