22 Mischievous Pups That Prove That Dogs Can Be Real Jerks Sometimes

It’s a common misconception that cats are the only pets that can be downright disrespectful. While we shouldn’t let felines off the hook entirely, the antics of our canines cannot go on any longer without being addressed.

In fact, with their wildly wagging tails and excitability, dogs are often more capable of causing lasting damage around our house than any other domesticated pet. So it’s best not to overlook our furry pals.

After all, there’s being a jerk and then there are these dogs who’ve done more than their fair share of damage. Just take a look…

1. This dog may have one of the sweetest faces you’ve ever seen, but don’t be fooled. Just look at him ignoring that poor kitty cat trying to relax underneath him. He’s really trying to seem innocent. “What cat?” Riiiight…05-dogs-being-assholes

2. Most people do everything they can to keep their homes clean. That means throwing away garbage after they’ve used an item. Apparently, though, this dog didn’t get the memo. He’s like, “Look what I made for you!”


3. Everyone remembers when the school bully would give all of the smaller children in school “swirlies.” Well, apparently this form of bullying isn’t exclusive to just humans after all!


4. An important aspect of dog training is teaching them when and where to go to the bathroom. This way you save yourself from having to do a lot of clean up. “Well, this looks like as good a spot as any.”


5.  Using blackmail to get away with something is never recommended. It means that you’re taking advantage of someone that you shouldn’t. This dog couldn’t care less about that, though. “No one will believe you.”


6. Learning the shortcuts on your computer is sure to save you lots of time when you’re really busy at work. We don’t recall them teaching us this one in computer science, though. “CTRL-ALT-PEE.” Computer ruined.


7. Teaching your dog to respect you is easier said than done. They tend to believe that they’re the king or queen of the home, and that means they will sit wherever they darn well please. “Who’s the butthead now?”



8. It can be hard to tell your dog where to sit when you’re driving down the street, they have a mind of their own. “Who’s your daddy?” This kid is hoping that the dog isn’t actually his daddy, that’s for sure.


9. Apparently this dog peeking his head through a smashed-out door has seen Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining recently. Here, he’s doing his best Jack Nicholson impression. “Heeeeere’s Doggie!” It’s spot-on, if you ask us.


10. The battle between cats and dogs will seemingly wage on for centuries to come. While there’s no clear way to know what he’s howling about, we can guess: “I’m outside and you’re not! I WIN!”


11. If you own more than one dog, you know that they’re always fighting each other to get your attention. Sometimes they both get it, and sometimes one is more successful. This dog is clearly no different. “The other guy? Uh, he ran away. I haven’t seen him all day.”


12. If your dog thinks he or she is the king or queen of the neighborhood, there’s a chance that they pee on everything to mark their “territory.” “What do you mean that wasn’t a fire hydrant? I saw a fire hydrant. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”



13. Play-wrestling with your dog is a fun activity… you just don’t want them to ever become stronger or better at it than you. That’s when things like this happen. “I am the human of this household now. Respect me!”


14. This poor cat just wanted to lie down for her fifth nap of the afternoon, but the family pug had something else in mind. “I need to take a seat, I’ve been walking around looking for treats all of five minutes. This is my spot.”


15. Doing big home renovations is both expensive and time-consuming. That’s why most people never get around to it. This dog apparently envisioned something for this entrance, though. “Honestly, it looks better like this.”


16. If there’s one thing to know about little dogs, it’s that they like to burrow inside of blankets or anything they can fit into. Take a look at this adorable couch potato. “I think I found my new favorite sleeping spot!”


17. While you might’ve grown accustomed to your dog begging to go for a walk, sometimes they’re just too tuckered out to take a lap around the block. “Shut up, cat. We’re playing dead. I’m due for another nap.”



18. Making plans to do a renovation can be daunting, so it’s best to let someone else take the lead on a massive home project. A word of advice, though: don’t let your dog become the foreman of said project. “So I’m glad you’re back. I remodeled a bit.”


19. Everyone knows that dogs want to eat anything in sight. That’s why it’s important not to leave their food within reach while they’re unattended. This rookie dog owner found that out the hard way…


20. “I was gonna plant tomatoes.” Nope, last time we checked dogs still didn’t have opposable thumbs—so there’s no reason to believe that this canine is suddenly becoming a green thumb. Something’s fishy about this.


21. “Cake? Cake? Nope afraid I don’t know what cake is. Oh, is that the delicious and sugary treat that you so kindly left for me on the kitchen counter? I thought it was weird that it said ‘Happy 50th Anniversary’ on it.”



22. “Hey, you’re the one who got us these toys. Did you not expect us to play with them? Sure, we ripped them to shreds, but who’s to say that’s not their purpose after all?” The trick is to not look guilty, bud.


Bad dog! Bad, cute, adorable, furry doggie! Aww, who are we kidding? No one can stay mad at those faces. Dogs might be just as capable as cats of being jerks, but they’re just so darn cute when they do it!

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