22 Mischievous Pups That Prove That Dogs Can Be Real Jerks Sometimes

It’s a common misconception that cats are the only pets that can be downright disrespectful. While we shouldn’t let felines off the hook entirely, the antics of our canines cannot go on any longer without being addressed.

In fact, with their wildly wagging tails and excitability, dogs are often more capable of causing lasting damage around our house than any other domesticated pet. So it’s best not to overlook our furry pals.

After all, there’s being a jerk and then there are these dogs who’ve done more than their fair share of damage. Just take a look…

1. This dog may have one of the sweetest faces you’ve ever seen, but don’t be fooled. Just look at him ignoring that poor kitty cat trying to relax underneath him. He’s really trying to seem innocent. “What cat?” Riiiight…05-dogs-being-assholes

2. Most people do everything they can to keep their homes clean. That means throwing away garbage after they’ve used an item. Apparently, though, this dog didn’t get the memo. He’s like, “Look what I made for you!”


3. Everyone remembers when the school bully would give all of the smaller children in school “swirlies.” Well, apparently this form of bullying isn’t exclusive to just humans after all!


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