Dogs In Photo Booths Strike Hilariously Perfect Poses Every Time

Who doesn’t love photo booths? Nobody, that’s who! It’s so much fun to grab a friend and some props and make all sorts of silly faces and poses for the rapid-fire camera. The camera snaps pictures so quickly that it’s easy to get caught, mid-pose, looking completely ridiculous.

But what if the subjects inside the booth weren’t human, but canine? Photographer Lynn Terry had the incredible idea of putting adorable dogs in a photo booth, and the results are absolutely amazing.

Lynn’s photos prove that dogs are, indeed, the most photogenic creatures on earth!

These pit bulls must really love each other—or at least they’re good at pretending they do! It’s adorable how the smaller dog sticks his tongue out and then kisses his friend to make him smile. The progression of these images are simply too much to handle!

pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-1Lynn Terry /

It looks like these pups got the kissy-face memo! Really, is there anything that a quick smooch on the cheek can’t fix? They started off so serious, but by the end, they’re having the time of their lives.

pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-2Lynn Terry /

This trio could not be funnier to look at. Notice how the bulldog wants to join in, but gets pushed aside a little bit. The third one is the best, with all their paws joined together like a sports team about to win a game!

pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-3Lynn Terry /

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