6th-Grade Girl Is Being Applauded For Intentionally Breaking Her School’s Dress Code

It’s not terribly unusual for schools to implement a basic dress code that they expect their students to follow. Whether it’s the specific shirt-and-tie uniform that some private schools require or a ban on anything that might be gang-related, dress codes are a common practice.

Still, what sixth-grader Molly Neuner and her friend encountered at their Portland, Oregon-area middle school surprised them. One afternoon, she and the friend were walking into class when a teacher suddenly stopped them.

What happened next wasn’t just unnecessarily cruel, but it also forced Molly to do something drastic…

Recently at King Middle School in Portland, Oregon, Molly Neuner and her friend were walking into their sixth-grade classroom when their teacher stopped them. She was angry that the girls were, evidently, breaking the school’s dress code.


The surprisingly thing was that Molly, who was wearing a racerback tank top, and her friend, clad in a pair of shorts, had each worn these same exact items to school many times before without issue. Regardless, the teacher made them “measure themselves,” using their fingers at their sides to determine if their clothes met the code—all embarrassingly in front of their classmates.

02-molly-neunerchristinaneuner / Instagram

The teacher scolded them, saying that if they dressed that way again, they would be sent to detention. As if that wasn’t enough for one day, the same teacher later approached Molly and demanded that she cover herself up with a sweatshirt. “I was really embarrassed,” Molly explained in an interview. “It was really uncomfortable to be in an environment like that at the time.” That’s when Molly had an idea…

03-molly-neunerchristinaneuner / Instagram

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