Guy Who Spent Hundreds Of Hours Working In His Yard Now Has His Neighbors Going Crazy

Not everyone sees yard work as a chore. For these green thumbs, cutting grass, pulling weeds, and planting flowers is a cathartic pleasure, and it’s one that helps them wash their worries away and connect with nature.

But for Norfolk, England, resident John Booker, trimming the hedges isn’t just a relaxing pastime. Instead, it’s a real passion—and it’s one that he’s taking to stunning heights.

You’re not going to believe what he’s doing with the hedges in the front yard of his home. His neighbors certainly didn’t!

For most people, anything that involves yard work is considered a chore. But for others, it’s a passion. Tasks like pulling weeds, planting flowers, and cutting the grass aren’t so much a headache as they are an opportunity to get creative and connect with nature.


Every three weeks for the past 13 years, Norfolk, England, resident John Booker has spent a grueling eight hours trimming the hedges in his front yard. It’s a sight that most of his neighbors can’t really comprehend, yet he never fails to keep at it.

Sure, it’s a lot of work, but John isn’t just making sure that his hedges look great. He does have a goal in mind, and the results pretty much speak for themselves. When you see what he’s created, you won’t believe your eyes…

before-dragonDamien McFadden

The real reason why John dutifully trims his hedges so frequently is because he’s turning them into an enormous dragon! Not only that, but this dragon stretches the entirety of his gigantic yard! Talk about a passion project…

01-dragon-hedgeDamien McFadden

This living work of art stretches a whopping 150 feet in length and reaches 10 feet in height. John began the project when he became bored with the everyday mundane look of his—and everyone else’s—hedges. So he decided to spice things up a bit.

02-dragon-hedgeDamien McFadden

To make his feat even crazier, all of his work is done with nothing more than a single pair of standard hedge clippers and a six-foot-tall ladder. Not to mention, he’s the only person working on it…

03-dragon-hedgeDamien McFadden

Naturally, the dragon hedge has become quite the tourist attraction for people in the area. It’s not at all uncommon for John or his wife to look outside and see a group of people passing through town taking a photo with his creation.


In many ways, John is like the Edward Scissorhands of his English neighborhood, which is why he regularly draws comparisons to the fictitious character. His uncanny ability to transform the shrubbery in his yard into works of art is undeniably incredible.

“I’m totally blown away by the fact that so many people have seen it,” John recalled. “My grandchildren said, ‘Granddad’s gone viral, that’s pretty cool.’ That’s the sort of reaction I’ve been getting all the time. I’m totally bemused by it.”


There’s no denying that working on his dragon hedge every three weeks for over a decade takes some serious dedication. Watch John’s process in the video below, and you just might feel inspired to get creative with your own hedges!

Man, that is some serious dedication! It’s great that John found a way to bring so much magic and joy to his community. The world needs more people like this guy.

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