20 Wildly Creative People That Took Their Halloween Decorations To A Whole New Level

For some reason, while it’s often unpleasant to experience, fear can deliver a certain kind of thrill — a tingling, exciting chill down our spines. It’s no wonder, then, we have a holiday dedicated to invoking and celebrating the very idea of being spooked!

And when Halloween rolls around, what better way to show your support for this inherent titillation than creepin’ up with the Jones’s? These folks hoisted their freak flags high and went above and beyond for Halloween. With all their efforts, it does make you wonder: are they inviting people in, or scaring everyone away? You be the judge…

1. These homeowners didn’t feel like going through all the effort of stringing lights and carving pumpkins this year. Instead, they just built a life-size facade of Michael Myers’ house for their front lawn. Our only question is, where do they keep it the rest of the year?

2. Apparently, this tale really is as old as time. We know this was supposed to be happily-ever-after and all, but the D’ceased is looking kinda over it. Or maybe, when they say true love never dies, this is what they mean?

3. With all the heebie jeebies floating around, a little humor is a welcome relief. These homeowners raised a graveyard in memory of trends that died this past year. Let’s just hope that none of these late fads are resurrected anytime soon. 

4. If you thought Pirates of the Caribbean was scary, just wait ’til you see pirates of the suburban. These scalawags are so evil, they won’t even make you walk the plank, they’ll just bore you to death!

5. Simple? Sure. Scary? Absolutely. These homeowners might put these up to scare off trick-or-treaters and avoid buying candy altogether (imagine having to pass by a couple of Grim Reapers to get your single piece of fun-sized candy)…yikes!

6. Nothing says, “come on in and take some free candy, kiddo” quite like a giant clown mouth. There could be unlimited king size Reese’s cups behind those tonsils, but we’re still giving this house a hard pass. 

7. This is a clever use for all those pallets you have lying around… if you’re one of those people who order everything in bulk? Simply dig a shallow grave, wire in a heat lamp, and raise that up-cycled pallet roof! Now the fun comes as you wait for the unsuspecting spooksters to wander by…

8. Wow. This is a perfect example of what you can do if you retire early, or if you’re under house arrest, or any other circumstance that would give you an inordinate amount of free time to blow. They should carve out some free time for for the rest of us while they’re at it.

9. We know the truth is out there. But we seriously have no idea how that UFO is floating up there above the roof! Is that part of the decor, or did a decorative spaceship attract an actual spaceship? The world may never know.

10. These guys aren’t joking about the neighborhood watch. This house has all eyes on deck… or just the teeth are on the deck. But the eyes are everywhere else! 

 11. Someone thinking it’s a good idea to shower in their front yard is, in fact, pretty scary. Less for the whole psycho factor and more for the fact that it’s October… and that hose water is probably going to be freezing. At least it’s one way to guarantee goosebumps.

12. That year when Halloween falls on a Wednesday and you’re just sitting in your office waiting for the weekend to start. Not getting any deader here people, let’s get this party started!

13. You know this guy. He’s been “pumpkin” iron, getting ready for the big day. We know he’s packing some serious candy and all, but he’s got a lot of guts just sitting there thinking that all the trick-or-treaters are going to come to him. Whatever, dude.

14. Jeepers creepers, if it isn’t our good friend Michael Myers again. He’s just here to make sure you have a good trick-or-treating experience. He definitely won’t terrorize you and your family. Nope, not him. 

15. This house did a great job of presenting the spooky but also containing the spooky. This is a very delicate balance to achieve. So heads off to you on the decorations and all, but we’re still coming in for your candy.

16. What’s scarier than a circle of ghosts on Halloween? A circle of plastic pollution on Halloween! This holiday, do like these fine folks and keep plastic out of the oceans by creating a seance circle to invoke better waste management!  

17. This little girl told her mom that everyone in the neighborhood called their house the murder house. We can’t hardly imagine where they would get that from. Looks like a perfectly normal nuclear home to us.

18. This one is not that scary, but it is seriously cool. This guy Transformed his yard every year with these life-sized replicas. Imagine how hard it must be for a little kid to pass this house without asking for a play date with Optimus Prime!

19. NO. nope. no. no way. Slender man?! Absolutely not. This is more of a psychological assault than it is a Halloween decoration and it’s totally not okay. Next house!

20. Come on in, the whole gang’s here! Or, on second thought don’t go in. Actually, run. If you see this house in your neighborhood you should definitely probably start running. Fast.  

These homes really hacked the halls this year with some creepy stuff! We don’t know what is more frightening, the spectacle, or the thought of breaking down all that work and packing it away for next year.

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