Here Are 20 Impressive Childhood Photo Recreations That Show The Ways Families Never Change

There are few simple pleasures as fun as looking through old family photos. They bring back great memories and tell meaningful stories, though they also show a foregone time that you can never quite recapture. Or can you?

These creative families got in touch with their younger selves and staged modern versions of their vintage pictures. You’ll be awestruck at how perfect many of these recreations look. But even when the new photos don’t quite line up, the results are hilarious…

1. A lot can change in 40 years! While these punks may have ditched most of their neon hair and dirty leather, they managed to return to the same spot and stay very much in love. Now that’s sticking it to the man!

Reddit / throwaway8286521

2. These three brothers wanted to be superheroes when they grew up. Their dreams came true! However, we don’t quite remember Superman, Batman, and Robin growing giant beards. Is that a spoiler for the next movie?

Reddit / poonchinello

3. We all know Ellen DeGeneres is a good sport, but can you believe she got an old date to relive prom with her? It’s pretty impressive how little Ellen has aged over the years. She could probably sneak into any high school prom she wants to! 

Reddit / notbob1959

4. All those years ago, she pretended to be a beautiful woman in a red dress while she greeted her grandpa. Now she’s had the chance to do it in real life. Of course, he’s no longer bending down to see her. He’s looking straight up!

Twitter / alliah

5. This man’s father, in the first photo with the mustache, died in a tragic accident just months after his birth. For his grandmother’s birthday many years later, he posed as his dad with his own newborn son to make a picture-perfect recreation.

Reddit / chelsea-vong

6. These beach bum siblings take getting buried pretty seriously. By the looks of it, however, one of them is enjoying being up to their neck in the sand much more than the other. We can only hope someone dug them out between these photos!

Ze Frank

7. Leanne had to be a real basket case to want to relive this memory! It’s amazing that she still has the same smile as when she was a baby. No adult ever has this much fun when they’re doing laundry.

Irina Werning

8. Some fathers and sons, these two included, can’t believe they’re stuck together. As a matter of fact, they’ve still got the same shocked look on their faces after all this time! And neither of their hairlines have changed much either.

9. John snapped these matching pics with his grandma on his first days of kindergarten and graduate school. He’s clearly gotten older, but his grandmother hasn’t aged a bit. This gifted family apparently has good genes all around!

Imgur / John Clark Levin

10. Are these two versions of the same photo? If you can believe it, they were actually taken a generation apart. The black and white photo shows a girl from 1980, and in the color photo is her daughter around the same age in 2014.

Reddit / DroidsRugly

11. Wow, that guy’s really taking his time to pour one cup of tea! Actually, this boy and his great-uncle posed for the same picture 24 years after the original. They deserve a big round of applause for having the exact same tea set. Who goes that long without breaking a single glass?

12. It’s rare enough to meet a celebrity once. But when you meet a star twice, then it’s really special! When this lucky guy came across Hulk Hogan for a second time, he had the good sense to fall into the same headlock as he did when he was a little kid.

Reddit / j0be

13. For many pairs of siblings, there’s a clean one, and then there’s a messy one. These guys have no doubt which is which. They still eat their ice cream the exact same way as adults. Odds are that mom and dad are waiting off-camera with a big stack of napkins.


14. This lifelong Air Force serviceman and dad decided he would retire, and he came up with a special way to celebrate his last day on the job. He and his son recreated a picture they took 30 years before. This time around, however, the kid needed a much bigger uniform!

Reddit / avghomeowner

15. Holidays can be a trying time for families. We have no idea what about this Easter egg made a little girl scream like crazy. As an adult, she got over her fear and struck the same pose, though her brother may have yet to grow out of his biting phase.

Reddit / dogwhobarkstoomuch

16. Who wears short shorts? Just ask these three brothers, who returned to the Texas State Capitol in Austin with perfect replicas of their original outfits. The only thing that’s completely changed is their heights.


17. This is one acrobatic family! They’ve managed to retain all their balance and agility even after all these years. Granted, for the recreation, they wisely decided to perch blondie on the counter instead of holding him up. 

Ze Frank

18. A dog is both boy’s and man’s best friend! This dude stretched out on the kitchen floor with his pup a whole 13 years after the original photo. These days, both of them have much better beards!


19. If we didn’t know better, we’d say Christoph spent his entire young life chipping away at the concrete with a tiny hammer. But in reality, he returned to the site of the former Berlin Wall — as seen in the picture on the left — to create this awesome illusion!

Irina Werning

20. These cousins needed a special Christmas photo, so they splurged on all the props and accessories needed to recapture this childhood moment. The jury is still out on whether the middle one tried to put on lipstick, or just drank a whole bottle of fruit punch.

Imgur / forthethirdtimetoday

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