12 Kids Who Definitely Would Have Preferred To Remain Only Children

Every parent wants their children to have close friends. That’s why having an additional child is always an exciting time. It’s practically expected that they’ll form a familial friendship that will last a lifetime!

While these parents may hope that their children will be the best of friends, many people know that with an additional child entering the home comes a world of unexpected jealousy over who gets the most favorability.

The children in these photos certainly know a thing or two about vying for any and all the attention. The looks on their faces say it all…

1. The parents are lovingly adoring their newborn child, while their firstborn has other plans in mind. It begs the question, does she really know the meaning behind the gesture she’s giving? “Don’t just think you’re going to waltz in here and take all the attention from me.”


2. Here, a family is attempting to pose for a wonderful family portrait, though, one of the children wasn’t having any part of it. Does she know that her disdain for her sibling is being captured on film forever? “I’m still the most important!”


3. The writing’s on the wall, as they say and in this instance it reads, “Dear God, Thank you for the baby brother but what I prayed for was a puppy.” Kids really do say the darndest things. Let’s just hope the brother doesn’t read the wall some day.


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