31 Cats Who Want Absolutely Nothing To Do With Their Humans’ Nonsense

All you want is to shower your cat with love. Well, that, and maybe also for your cat to stop deciding 3 a.m. is the ideal time of day for vociferous recreation. Some of us have to work tomorrow, Mr. Boots!

And, without fail, it seems the moment you want to show that adorable, furry face that you love it is exactly when your cat rejects you harder than your high school crush. Just know that, as you stave off the flow of tears, you are not alone in this rejection.

It’s actually so common that there’s probably a support group for it somewhere. Take a look at these 31 mean kitties and commiserate!

1. “Yeeeaaahhh… I’m gonna need you to go ahead and stop. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort, because I do, it’s just that your ear scratching game can really use some serious work.”


2. “No thanks, Ariana.” Many humans couldn’t imagine turning down a smooch from Ariana Grande, but this cat is having none of it. Ariana is just as shocked about it as the rest of us!


3. “It burns us! We have to get those hobbitses and retrieve the Precious!” Come on, you can’t really say that this cat doesn’t look at least a little like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, can you?


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