18 Hysterical Photos The Word ‘Ironic’ Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover

Funny coincidences are all around us, even if we might not notice them at first sight. There’s the dog that looks exactly like its owner or that funny feeling when the person you’re talking about walks into a room unexpectedly. Funny coincidences are bright spots in our average days.

Sometimes a coincidence is so hilarious that you have to capture it on film and share it with others. Everyone has had a moment where they’ve spotted something so coincidental that they just had to take a snap and share it on social media because it has to be seen.

These 18 coincidences are almost too perfect. Each one is so funny and specific that it is hard to believe that they weren’t staged for the photograph! Once you see them you won’t be able to stop smiling…

1. Being a proud American means buying goods that are made right here in this country — America! Of course, sometimes when you can’t afford to have something made here you have it made elsewhere. This box proudly proclaiming “American Freedom?” Yeah…it was made in China.


2. In addition to being a great deal for this CD, the album’s cost shares the name of its artist. You just know it was originally marked as a dollar and some plucky music store employee saw a brilliant opportunity to make this goofy joke. 50 centVeeduber

3. When you’re a teenager blending in with the crowd is the last thing you want to do. That’s why wearing matching t-shirts is super mortifying to begin with. When those t-shirts also loudly proclaim how “different” you all are, now that’s just rubbing salt in the wound. conformYacketysack

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