18 Hysterical Photos The Word ‘Ironic’ Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover

Funny coincidences are all around us, even if we might not notice them at first sight. There’s the dog that looks exactly like its owner or that funny feeling when the person you’re talking about walks into a room unexpectedly. Funny coincidences are bright spots in our average days.

Sometimes a coincidence is so hilarious that you have to capture it on film and share it with others. Everyone has had a moment where they’ve spotted something so coincidental that they just had to take a snap and share it on social media because it has to be seen.

These 18 coincidences are almost too perfect. Each one is so funny and specific that it is hard to believe that they weren’t staged for the photograph! Once you see them you won’t be able to stop smiling…

1. Being a proud American means buying goods that are made right here in this country — America! Of course, sometimes when you can’t afford to have something made here you have it made elsewhere. This box proudly proclaiming “American Freedom?” Yeah…it was made in China.


2. In addition to being a great deal for this CD, the album’s cost shares the name of its artist. You just know it was originally marked as a dollar and some plucky music store employee saw a brilliant opportunity to make this goofy joke. 50 centVeeduber

3. When you’re a teenager blending in with the crowd is the last thing you want to do. That’s why wearing matching t-shirts is super mortifying to begin with. When those t-shirts also loudly proclaim how “different” you all are, now that’s just rubbing salt in the wound. conformYacketysack

4. Look,  nobody is born knowing how to spell every word in their respective language. Some people struggle a little bit, but few people struggle in such a tragically coincidental way as this poor soul who only managed to spell the word “illiterate” correctly. spellingTumblr

5. “Hey, I have a great idea for how we can celebrate Earth Day this year! Let’s go out and buy thousands and thousands of disposable cups and then go for a run and hurl all of the little cups onto the ground!” Because nothing celebrates Earth Day quite like littering all over the darn place. litterTumblr

6. While this mall maintenance shop might claim it can fix anything, the busted door bell tells a very different story, one they clearly don’t realize is hilarious. At least their printer seems to be up and fully operational, right? brokenImgur

7. The only thing funnier than a poster for a movie called Gravity falling off the wall would be a poster for the movie Silence of the Lambs being eaten by a lamb who had silently crept into the theatre and frankly, that will probably never happen. 3F2ECB8B00000578-4404782-image-a-2_1491997594626Tumblr

8. Clearly this is one dog who has serious issues with his fellow canines! He could have swallowed up almost any toy in the entire house and yet he went out of his way to consume… a toy that was shaped just like a dog. If he wasn’t a dog you could almost accuse him of knowing exactly what he was doing. dog in dog Instagram

9. Since dominoes are designed to be stacked up and knocked over all in one line, you’d think whoever was responsible for arranging all of these Domino’s delivering bikes all in a row would have stopped to consider their choices. Then again, the fact that they didn’t provided this awesome coincidence. bikesTumblr

10. Usually, when you go to eat some place it is reassuring to see that they’ve received an “A” from the department of health. However in this case, it seems like the “A” was most likely short for “Ahhhhhh there are roaches in the salads! So many roaches!”3F2ECB6900000578-4404782-image-a-3_1491997609205Imgur/Sandbrose

11. Did no one in the bureaucratic machine stop and realize just how hilarious it was to buy an Escape to transport prisoners?! It’s basically challenging any inmates who get into the car to see if they can find a way out. EscapeTumblr

12. Isn’t there something just kind of poetic and excellent about spotting some jerk with a hateful message on their car and then looking a little bit more closely and seeing that the jerk in question is too thick to even insult someone correctly?SpellTumblr/Fattyboi

13. Netflix is more widely used for its streaming services these days. Maybe that explains why hilarious accidents like this one happen every so often. Either that or someone at their offices saw what was being rented and felt up for accepting a challenge. 3F2EE7E100000578-4404782-image-a-19_1491999399413

14. Gonna have to go ahead and disagree with this one, full-stop. If you’re this young woman and you want to see the stars then you must always be looking down. Maybe this quote was randomly generated, or perhaps she’s in on the joke?3F2ECB7700000578-4404782-image-a-4_1491997640692Imgur/BreezyBabe420

15. Awesome. Because the first thing you want to see when you go to hand in your resume at a potential employer’s is the trash can where they will so clearly be immediately and directly depositing your resume. firedTumblr

16. It is a fact commonly known that if you erect a massive statue of Mel Gibson as William Wallace, people will climb that statue. Maybe it’s better to just lean into that instead of building a fence around the dude who died for freedom, no? BraveheartTumblr/Urdrunkstepdaddy

17. “Yes, hello, excuse me sir. I was wondering if you could help me with one on the books on the top shelf? Yes, I’m interested in that copy of ‘How To Talk To People Who Work At Bookstores Without Getting Nervous Gas Volume 2.’ Volume 1 was just brilliant.”3F2ECB2A00000578-4404782-Those_who_need_to_reach_the_top_shelf_are_already_in_need_of_hel-a-2_1492006626148Tumblr/Al__iens500

18. If a tree falls in the forest, and hundreds of other trees are also felled in said forest, and all of the trees being removed form the shape of a giant tree, will anyone notice this strange coincidence and share it on the Internet? Absolutely. 3F2ECB0F00000578-4404782-Where_this_forest_has_been_demolished_it_has_left_a_perfect_shap-a-1_1492006625985Tumblr73isthebestprimenumber

These funny coincidences are almost too hilarious to be believed! It really changes the way you look at the world around you.

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