16 Hilariously Passive Aggressive Notes From Parents To Their Kids

Being a parent is hard work. There are doctors’ appointments to get to on time, and backpacks that need to be found, and snacks that need to be purchased. Being a parent is a full-time job where you don’t get paid for overtime and there’s no such thing as a paid vacation.

Sometimes, it can be easy to lose your sense of humor. Who would blame you? Parenting is non-stop responsibility and it can be hard not to feel like you have become the ultimate nag when every kid has ignored your friendly reminders that dirty dishes go inside the dishwasher, and not in the sink.

There are some parents who try to avoid losing their tempers by using their sense of humor (and a pen) to craft hilarious notes instead. These 16 notes will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about parenting!

1. This mom is not afraid to mince words when it comes to protecting her freshly cleaned kitchen. Nothing says motherly love quite like the threat of physical violence. Home is where the heart is, and this heart is armed and dangerous!

cut youImgur

2. When you have kids, it is important to make sure you monitor the time they spend on the Internet. This mom has kicked up her web security, bartering the wifi password for the day with chores that need doing. Savvy! Wifi

3. Is there anything more infuriating that going to the bathroom and being confronted by an empty toilet paper holder? No. No, there is not. Luckily, this parent knew how to transform an annoyance into a funny reminder. Toilet paperbrightside.me

4. One of the most frustrating things about being a parent? You never get to eat all of the delicious snacks that you spend countless hours making for other people! This parent could resist taking a tiny nibble. At least they left a note! Sandwich bite

5. Wal-Mart does have a lot of great deals, but what is happening inside of this particular store that this mom felt like she needed to head out to her local Wal-Mart before 9 a.m.? Whatever it was, it required prayers! Wal-mart

6. Dirt’s on this guy, unicorns aren’t even real! Or maybe they are real and the reason you almost never see them is because of children who refuse to eat their lunches. Oh goodness, this case was just blown wide open!unicorn sandwichIunderstoodthatreference

7. This is a parent who is done with lame excuses and they have this epic sign above a set of outlets to prove it! How many pet fish have to die before these kids will learn to charge their phones in different outlets? Plugs



8. This is one mom who either needs a serious lesson in how the human body works, or she has a wicked sense of humor. Can you imagine bringing a girl home to discover this note tacked up to the cork board? Mortifying! condom note

9. Every parent dreams of the day that their kids will be old enough that they can let them take care of themselves while they get a few extra hours of sleep. These parents are making sure that they have every base covered! Sleeping inqueen_of_the_koopas

10. This dad is winning all over the place. Not only does he score major points for making sure his son would have access to plenty of pizza and beer, he also gets points for using the family cat instead of cellophane tape! MeatloafCnelz_

11. It is really thoughtful of moms to get up early and make lunches and snacks for their kids every day before school. That said, it might be even more thoughtful to get up and write a note explaining why there are no snacks that day. Smooth move, mom. No snacks

12. Kids, these days! If it isn’t on the Internet, they don’t care about it. At least, that’s what one parent thought. That’s why they “memed” the dirty dishes waiting in the sink in the hopes of making them impossible to ignore. Dishesbrightside.me

13. Clearly Sarah has a little bit of a problem when it comes to remembering what kind of fuel her car requires. Thankfully, her parents were there to help her out with this not-so-subtle note. Thanks, Mom and Dad! DieselMangroveBear

14. Washing machines are not that complicated. Unless, of course, you are a member of this household. Thankfully, mom has made it quite clear what to do. Well, not what to do so much as what not to do. Thanks, Mom!no washer

15. This mom’s threat to punch her kids in the throat is only tempered by a smiley face at the bottom of her note. Smiley face aside, you get the feeling from reading this note that this one mama who really means it! kevin and mollymollifer

16. Is there any greater threat to a lazy teenager than the threat of no more cellphone or Internet. No. No, there is not. This mom isn’t pulling any punches. She’s channeling her inner Liam Neeson to make sure her kitchen stays clean! Neesonujustreadmyusername

These parents have such a priceless way of making sure their kids stay in line without skimping on the laughs! Just priceless.

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