40 Insane Facts That All Die-Hard ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Ought To Know

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows of all time. The HBO smash hit is based on a series of much-beloved fantasy books written by author George R.R. Martin.

While fans of the books and show alike are passionate in their devotion to this fantastical drama, they are maybe even more passionate about one other thing: trivia about the show, the books, and the man responsible for their invention.

Are you new to the phenomenon or do you already consider yourself to be a Game of Thrones expert? In either case, we bet this list of 40 facts about the show will give you at least one new piece of trivia to share with your friends.

1. In 2015, Game of Thrones won a total of 12 awards. This was, at the time, the most awarded single season of any TV show ever… Until 2016 came around and the show took home a record-breaking 38 awards, making it the most awarded show of all time. 

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2. Author George R.R. Martin had a very negative experience writing for a TV show before writing the Song of Fire and Ice books. He wrote them thinking that they would be impossible to turn into a TV series. He couldn’t have been more incorrect, and he’s got to be thrilled about that. 


3. The show’s executive producers promised that it would contain no dreams or flashbacks. This promise didn’t last very long, as the character Bran dreams about a three-eyed raven as early as season one. 


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