This Breathtaking European Town Gets By Without A Single Road, And Residents Never Want To Leave

When it comes to urban planning, the building blocks of every design all relate to roads. They are, after all, what defined a permanent settlement as anything more than a temporary site from the very beginning of civilized society.

There’s one small town in Holland, however, that turns its nose up at the very concept of roads. So much so that they don’t have any! The town is named Giethoorn, has a population of 2,600, and is absolutely idyllic.

The best part, though, is what they use instead of roads…

The Dutch town of Giethoorn is known the world over as an incredible tourist destination. The reason why? It has absolutely no roads!

Instead, the founders made use of canals as their primary transportation routes.


To get around, residents and visitors use canoes to navigate. They can also use the sidewalks and bridges if they’re in the mood for a afternoon stroll!

03-giethoornAll That Is Interesting

The town was founded in 1230 by Franciscan monks. When they arrived there, they found a number of goat horns that had been left there after a flood. They decided to name the town Giethoorn after the Dutch term for “goat horn.”


The unique infrastructure in this tiny town has earned it recognition as “the Venice of Holland.”

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In winter, people are forced to stick mainly to the bridges. Still, it’s incredibly beautiful!

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Because there aren’t any roads, Giethoorn has no cars either!

Giethoorn, Holland, the town with no roads

All told, there are about four miles of canals throughout the town.

Giethoorn, Holland, the town with no roads

Who else is ready to book their trip?

That place really feels like a time capsule out of the 19th century, or maybe even earlier than that. Who wouldn’t dream of seeing a place like this in person?

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