Dad Who Notices People Staring At His Baby In A Restaurant Later Finds This Note On His Car

Having a child comes with a lot of responsibility. No matter how great of a mother or father you believe you are, at times it can feel like other people are constantly judging your parenting style.

Sure, there are some parents who don’t treat their children properly. Most of the time, though, everybody is sincerely trying their absolute best!

When Kevon Smith Sr. was out eating breakfast with his three-month-old son, he couldn’t help but notice an elderly couple staring at them. He brushed off their glances, but when he walked to his car later, he found a note from them on his windshield that shocked him…

Even though restaurants are public places, it’s safe to say that most people aren’t looking to interact with other patrons when they go out for a meal with their families and friends. Typically, you just want to enjoy your meal with some semblance of privacy.

Of course, you might bump into someone you know, and you’ll obviously make small talk with the service staff at the establishment. But when it comes to strangers, you’re not planning to do much socializing—and you certainly aren’t looking to do anything that would cause you to be at the center of their attention.

Sometimes, a restaurant experience can be totally ruined by other patrons, whether they’re being loud and obnoxious, eating in an unappealing way, or even just creeping you out by staring at you…

So when Kevon Smith Sr. suddenly noticed an elderly couple staring at him and his three-month-old son as they enjoyed their breakfast at a restaurant one day, he was, understandably, surprised. Still, he tried not to let it get to him.

After they’d finished eating, Kevon and his son made their way to the car. That’s when Kevon noticed that a note had been placed on his windshield. Clearly, somebody wanted to get his attention.

staring-guy-2Flickr/Victor Versus

The note read: “Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends. Keep doing what you’re doing. —The Masons.” Attached to the note was enough cash to cover the meal Kevon and his son had just finished.

The note was from that same elderly couple who had stared at Kevon in the restaurant not a few moments earlier. The couple noticed Kevon’s sweet interactions with his son and they were moved by his terrific parenting. It may have been a relatively small gesture, but they clearly wanted to let him know that they appreciated all his hard work.

Little did that elderly couple know that, not only was Kevon a wonderful father, but he was also an active community member who served as a volunteer football coach for his local youth team!

Kevon, who was raised without a father throughout his own childhood, was deeply touched by the couple’s kind gesture. When he shared his story, he added, “There’s a lot of guys I know that aren’t taking care of their kids.”

Kevon seemed to be doing everything he could to not only take care of his son, but to make sure that he was setting a good example for the kids around him. Hopefully, that note put a smile on his face and served as positive reinforcement!

It’s nice to know that good parenting doesn’t go unnoticed. Hopefully, Kevon will continue to pay it forward to other great moms and dads in the future!

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