27 Unexpected Images Caught On Google Earth That No One Can Explain

Google Earth has always been a useful resource, and not just for seeing your home from space. You can witness the many wonders of the world and visit places you wouldn’t otherwise see in person, all from your desk.

Since its inception, Google Earth has helped to further connect our world. Choosing any coordinates in your imagination and being able to see a real image of that exact place on the planet is an incredible reminder of technology’s power. But the site doesn’t just provide an innocent aerial view of things. When you see what people recently discovered on Google Earth, you’ll realize there are some things on our planet that maybe weren’t meant to be seen…

1. This is known to most people as Area 6, a secret American air base in the Yucca flat of the Nevada desert that tests counter-terrorism materials… and who knows what else. No matter what, you have to admit it looks incredibly eerie from above.

1-google-earth-imagesYouTube: GeoBeats News

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