Young Mom Gives Birth To Triplets Only To Be Blindsided By The Doctors’ Startling News

Pregnancy is different for every woman who experiences it. While some expecting mothers struggle with morning sickness or health issues, others find it to be relatively stress-free and don’t even gain more than a few pounds!

That said, just because a woman has already had children doesn’t mean she knows exactly what’s in store the next time around. One mother from England learned this firsthand. Believing she might be pregnant again, she paid a visit to her doctor’s office—but she was shocked when she saw the sonogram…

Becki-Jo Allen was a 23-year-old single mother living in an affluent suburb of Liverpool, England, known as Gateacre. Her three-year-old daughter, Indiana, was her pride and joy, but little did she know, there were big changes in store for their family.

Becki-Jo noticed she was feeling nauseous and uncomfortable in the mornings. Having already been through one pregnancy, she had a slight suspicion she might be pregnant again. So, she went to her doctor’s office for a sonogram—and she was not prepared for the news she was about to receive…

The doctor told her she was, indeed, pregnant… with triplets! Becki-Jo could hardly believe it. She suspected she may have been carrying one child, but three? Her life was about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Becki-Jo decided to take it in stride, but it wasn’t easy. At 31 weeks, her water broke, and she was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors would have to work quickly and carefully if they wanted to deliver all three of her children safely.

After several hours, Becki-Jo finally delivered triplet boys via Cesarean section. She named them Rocco, Roman, and Rohan. The boys, however, had a number of medical issues because they were so premature…

Her newborns were rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital so staff could give them the appropriate treatment, keep them breathing properly, and monitor their vital signs. Becki-Jo was terrified for their safety.

While the triplets were in the intensive care unit, Becki-Jo tried to take her mind off of the stress by setting up their new bedroom. As a single mom who’d just given birth to three children, getting the house ready for their arrival would be a challenge, to say the least.

She loaded up on clothing, books, and other baby goods so she’d be completely prepared to welcome her three new bundles of joy. She knew it was going to be a lot of work, but she was ready to be a loving mother to all four of her children…

Finally, after six tense weeks, the boys were allowed to leave the hospital, and Becki-Jo couldn’t have been happier. When she finally got to see how their features had matured, though, she was taken aback. They didn’t just look similar—they looked identical to one another.

Identical triplets—especially via natural means—were rare. Becki-Jo consulted a specialist at the Multiple Births Foundation who told her she could administer a DNA test to determine whether the boys were identical. Becki-Jo swabbed the inside of the babies’ cheeks and sent them off to the lab for review. Three days later, the result came back…

To the surprise of Becki-Jo and everyone she knew, the test confirmed that her triplets were identical! According to various medical sources, the chances of having identical triplets falls somewhere between one in 60,000 and one in 200 million!

After Becki-Jo was able to process that her newborns were nearly a genetic miracle, she started worrying about something else: how could she tell these three boys apart? Without any prior experience raising or living with twins, it was a huge concern for the young mother.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the boys’ personalities to show Becki-Jo that’d she’d never have to worry about mixing them up. She said Rohan was the loud one, Rocco would go with the flow, and Roman preferred to keep all his toys to himself!

Naturally, it was tough for her to run errands around her town. Everyone wanted to stop her and discuss the triplets, too. When people found out all three were identical, their jaws would hit the floor. Still, Beck-Jo was proud of the attention they received.

Something else Becki-Jo considered when she brought the boys home was how Indiana would handle the situation. She was used to being the center of her mom’s world, but with the triplets, would she feel unimportant?

Of course, Indiana fell in love with her brothers as soon as she met them. She always joined her mother on outings with the triplets, and even though she was young, she helped out whenever she could.

Of course, all the commotion throughout the day made for some serious naptimes. Between all three of them, they would take about 130 naps a week! Becki-Jo would go though about four packs of baby wipes and nearly four packs of baby formula a week.

Birthdays were unique in Becki-Jo’s household, too, since three of her four children got to celebrate them together. Indiana always helped her mother with all of the decorations and gifts to make her brothers’ birthdays as special as possible.

What began as a tumultuous time in Becki-Jo and Indiana’s lives turned out to be a rewarding experience for all. As the years go by, Becki-Jo will always remember what it was like the day she gave birth to three unique bundles of joy!

At first, Becki-Jo was in for quite the surprise when doctors told her she was expecting triplets. Now that she’s mastered the mothering skills she needs to handle the hectic household, she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Becki-Jo sure seems like she has a handle on all four of her adorable children. Any mother would be proud of the way she managed her intense pregnancy!

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