20 Everyday Objects That Appear To Be Food But Definitely Aren’t Edible

Food is an essential part of our lives. Not only do we need it to survive, but enjoying what we eat is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whatever you enjoy noshing on, food is something we all think about multiple times a day.

So it’s not uncommon for our minds to see an object and immediately associate it with food — we just can’t help it! These totally inedible objects are proof of just that, but some look so tasty you still might want to devour them even after knowing what they’re made of…

1. What looks like some sort of strange packaging revealing a perfectly cooked salmon, is really just the material inside a yellow golf ball. So stop yelling “yum” and start yelling “fore!” 

Brain Berries

2. This may look like a chocolate frosted doughnut growing from the forest floor, but in reality, it’s just a wild mushroom. Sorry, but you won’t be finding this at Dunkin Donuts.

Brain Berries

3. Be careful when sitting down to enjoy a big, rare steak, because if you aren’t careful that steak might just end up being the sandpaper you just used to do housework…


4. Ever heard of laying out your banana peels to dry and then using them in a DIY project? No? That’s for good reason since this is actually a dirty yellow hose. You could probably still slip on it though. 

5. Oddly enough, when this person was making mashed potatoes, they ran into a bit of a problem when they realized that this wasn’t a potato, but a rock! If their masher survived the mistake is another issue at hand. 

6. Whipped cream and cocoa make the perfect dessert, but if you’re in the desert you might see something like this. That’s actually footprints in snow covered in sand.

7. While on a hike, this man came across a very large slab of bacon! When he went to fry it up, he realized it was actually just a strange eroded rock. Good thing he didn’t try to take a bite…

8. Apparently bacon is on people’s minds more often than not, just check out this big piece in Argentina. It will not be fried and turned into a BLT, but kept in a museum for research purposes. 

Brain Berries

9. Leave it to dads to do the most outrageous things with their kids. This father noticed an uncanny resemblance between his newborn’s head and this kiwi, and took the chance to put that similarity on show! 

Brain Berries

10. Only one of the photos below shows golden brown, crispy chicken legs ready to be dipped in ranch. The other is curly haired puppies. Can you tell the difference? The puppies are depending on you.

Brain Berries

11. On hot summer days, an ice cream sandwich of this stature is just what the doctor ordered. Too bad this is just an old mattress. You’re more likely to get a mouthful of bed bugs than vanilla ice cream if you take a bite of this! 

12. If you’re trying to gain muscle, the best thing you can do is lift weights with two large, green M&Ms. They’re usually about three pounds each. Just resist the urge to chow down, okay?


13. The snow on this patio table fell so perfectly that it appears to be a freshly made puff pastry. The owners were saddened when they realized it wasn’t, but hey, at least they don’t have to worry about where to keep the leftovers! 


14. Some children absolutely refuse to eat the crust on their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Apparently it’s no different when they find a PB & J rock in nature…


15. Nothing is more refreshing than brushing your teeth with a fresh piece of salmon. It really helps keep the teeth clean. We dare you to look at this dollop of toothpaste and see anything other than fish! 

Brain Berries

16. This fungi looks like something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory. The two have something in common though, not everything should be eaten. The fact that it could also be blood will probably keep you away from it! 

17. No, this pineapple master didn’t plant the worlds largest pineapple. These palm trees just decided they’d rather be short and thick, than tall and skinny.

The Chive / Reddit

18. Sushi burritos are the newest craze these days and this one is looking more delicious than ever. Bite into it and you’ll realize it’s actually just a beautiful geode… and then you’ll need to go to the dentist. 

Brain Berries

19. The best way to insulate your home is to stuff cotton candy in the walls. It keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, you can eat it while you work!

Brain Berries

20. Imagine trying to get your child to eat a piece of broccoli this big! Good thing this is actually just a tree…dinner time is hard enough.

The Chive

Who knew that there was so much stuff out there that looked exactly like food?

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