10 Awesomely Creative Things You Can Build With LEGOs

It’s always awesome to discover cheap and easy tricks to use around your home that will help organize your life. Much of the time, we already own the items we need to alleviate cleaning stress, and we’re just not aware of it!

If you’re a parent that has a child who plays with LEGOs, then you are in luck! LEGOs are not only amazing to build things with, but they can serve plenty of other purposes that can help your day-to-day routine.

Check out these 10 LEGO hacks, and then go try them out yourself!

1. Everyone hates dealing with a tangled mass of wires. Whether it’s behind your television or on your computer, it’s a hassle that no one has the patience to deal with. Meticulously placing a few LEGOs by the loose cords can help separate them appropriately. 


2. If you buy a fish tank, you’re going to want decor that is as exciting for your fish to explore as it is for you to look at. Sure, you can purchase the typical rock or piece of coral, but if you want to be really unique, you can use your LEGOs to build anything you want — even a Super Mario set!


3. Math can be one of those subjects that’s so frustrating to learn. The lessons can be confusing and some kids feel like they’ll never get a grasp on what’s being taught to them. Using different shaped LEGO pieces can help children understand difficult math concepts.

3Alicia Zimmerman

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