10 Awesomely Creative Things You Can Build With LEGOs

It’s always awesome to discover cheap and easy tricks to use around your home that will help organize your life. Much of the time, we already own the items we need to alleviate cleaning stress, and we’re just not aware of it!

If you’re a parent that has a child who plays with LEGOs, then you are in luck! LEGOs are not only amazing to build things with, but they can serve plenty of other purposes that can help your day-to-day routine.

Check out these 10 LEGO hacks, and then go try them out yourself!

1. Everyone hates dealing with a tangled mass of wires. Whether it’s behind your television or on your computer, it’s a hassle that no one has the patience to deal with. Meticulously placing a few LEGOs by the loose cords can help separate them appropriately. 


2. If you buy a fish tank, you’re going to want decor that is as exciting for your fish to explore as it is for you to look at. Sure, you can purchase the typical rock or piece of coral, but if you want to be really unique, you can use your LEGOs to build anything you want — even a Super Mario set!


3. Math can be one of those subjects that’s so frustrating to learn. The lessons can be confusing and some kids feel like they’ll never get a grasp on what’s being taught to them. Using different shaped LEGO pieces can help children understand difficult math concepts.

3Alicia Zimmerman

4. If you don’t want to build a Super Mario themed aquatic environment like the one earlier, you can pick any sort of design you want! But, let’s be honest: a Harry Potter themed display would be pretty awesome; especially if it’s the Quidditch field.

4kst8er / Reddit

5. Every time someone gives a gift, they always want to make it as special and unique as possible. A lot of the time, people make personal gifts themselves, but very rarely do they actually make the box the gift comes in. Impress your friends and family by designing a LEGO gift box!

5bensun13 / Reddit

6. Board games are always a great pastime. Friends and families all enjoy spending time bonding over a fun-filled game night. And, if you’re ever looking to play chess and don’t have a board, you can use LEGO pieces to make your own!

11fonzy72 / Flickr

7. If you own a bookshelf, you know how annoying it is when the rows of books constantly tip over and fall off the shelves. Instead of investing in a heavy, cumbersome bookend, just build one with LEGOs for a fraction of the cost!

pseudoplacebo / Flickr

8. There’s nothing quite like giving someone you care about a piece of jewelry that they will keep for the rest of their life. Making a lovely bracelet out of gorgeous colored LEGO pieces is sure to win the heart of any man or woman.

13wiredforlego / Flickr

9. Since LEGOs are perfect for stacking and building, it’s really no surprise that they can be used to make great little shelters for animals, like birds! Make a bird house with fewer LEGOs than are probably stuck in your carpet right now. 

14Atsushi Todakoro / Flickr

10. Cool lampshades are hard to come by. Even you find one that fits your personal taste, it’s probably expensive. Instead of shelling out a pretty penny for one, make your own using LEGOs. You can make it whatever color and design you want!

11. It sure does seem like keys are always going missing! This can be especially frustrating when you need them quickly. Making a key chain holder ensures you’ll always be able to locate your keys at a moment’s notice.ay0immatt / Reddit

12. Lanterns are a great way to light up a room. But what can make them even cooler is having glowing neon colors for a snazzier look. Taking colorful LEGOs and making vibrant lanterns out of them is fun for the whole family!


13. Why would you choose to have a plain old kitchen with bland colors and neutral tones when you could use a bunch of LEGOs to make it super awesome? You can even create scenic pictures with them. There’s really no end to the creativity!


14. A lot of people own guitars. It doesn’t exactly set you apart from everyone else that owns musical instruments, but owning a guitar made entirely out of LEGOs certainly does. Especially if it looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars!


15. Everyone loves having a nice bouquet of flowers in their home. Not only do they look pretty, but they give the room a lovely smell as well. They’re like natural air fresheners! You can build an equally beautiful vase for them using spare LEGOs!


16. Desks can become a mess far too easily. All your paperwork and writing instruments get jumbled into one heap if you don’t have some sort of organizer. LEGOs are an easy way to separate all of your belongings so your desk remains neat and your work doesn’t suffer.


17. Parents are always trying to come up with new, creative ideas to entertain their kids. And what could be better than decorating a wall of your home? Setting up a LEGO wall allows kids to get as creative as they want without having to worry about permanent damage.

gDianaLRendina / RenovatedLearning.com

18. Coasters are always something you want handy when you have guests visiting. You don’t want those unsightly rings of liquid making an imprint on your wooden coffee table! Put together some quick and cool-looking coasters with LEGOs.


19. In the age of cell phones, we’re all always looking for the latest and greatest accessories to come with them. Instead of buying yourself an expensive docking rig, make one that you can’t find in stores using LEGOs. You’ll have all your friends asking where you bought it!

iGreenLeavesDryHeaves / Reddit

20. Tissues are something that come in handy all the time. The problem is that the boxes are usually a bland color that need some pizzazz. That’s where LEGOs come into play. Spruce up your tissue boxes in no time!


21. One of the best things about Christmas is getting some new ornaments to decorate your tree, but did you know the coolest of them can be created in your own home using LEGOs? Make something that you can’t buy in stores and impress holiday guests.

zgardener41 / Flickr

22. Coffee tables can really tie a room together. After all, it’s the area of your home where people sit and talk and get a chance to relax after a hard day at work! Liven up the space with a vibrant table using some brightly colored LEGOs.


23. In today’s fast-paced society, people are always looking for ways to connect easily. That’s why so many of them have business cards to hand out. Never misplace your cards again by building a LEGO business card holder for all your networking needs.

zzBill Ward / Flickr

24. Jewelry can cost an arm and a leg nowadays. The price of unique and trendy looks sometimes doesn’t even seem worth it. Thankfully LEGOs offer a much cheaper alternative. You can make colorful earrings that all ages can enjoy and be proud to wear.


25. If you’re the type of person the spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, then you know how important it is to have all of your tools in order to create a delicious meal. If you don’t own a holder for all your large utensils, don’t fret! LEGOs come in handy so you can make a great meal while staying organized.


26. LEGOs can even help you stay clean! This cool DIY soap dispenser will instantly brighten up any kitchen or bathroom sink. In fact, we bet you’ll never have to remind your kids to wash their hands ever again!


It’s not surprising that such a versatile toy also has great uses around the house. Go out and try some for yourself!

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