These 20 Mind-Bending Photos Will Have You Doing More Than A Double Take

When we look around we trust what our eyes are seeing and never really give it a second thought. But sometimes, upon further inspection, we realize what we’re observing isn’t always quite what it initially appeared to be.

There’s certainly more than meets the eye in life, and these 20 photos prove it. At first, your brain will trick you into seeing something that isn’t actually happening, but once you finally realize what’s going on, you won’t be able to look at anything the same.

1. This horse looks like it was born with the most complex way of eating ever! He has a tiny horse mouth inside his own to grind up the food into little bits, and then his regular mouth gets to swallow it and enjoy the flavor. Evolution is so strange…

2. Whoever took this photo just wanted to capture their kids enjoying a meal. Little did they know that one hyper tyke would transform this photo into an eerie memory.

3. After a great football game, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being embraced by another teammate… and the ghost of a teammate who was watching over you the whole time.

4. Here it looks like we have a classic case of Benjamin Button. Sure, the body of this young beach-goer is the normal size of a toddler, but that’s the face of a wise older gentleman. Maybe this child has grandchildren of his own…

5. This was probably the last picture ever taken of Earth before the invasion of the over-sized baboons! Someone should have warned that scientist to stop with the experiments; making animals 50 times their normal size is never a good idea!

6. Who’s the owner of that sporty silver vehicle parked right beside that unsightly white van? Actually, the owner of the sports car is also the owner of the van, considering both are the exact same vehicle. Look closely, you’ll see it soon enough…

7. Most people don’t know Jesus wrote a book called Walking on Water For Dummies. It flew pretty much under the radar in bookstores, but this lucky man found himself a copy and studied it intensively. He’s got the balancing down, now he’s just got to stand up. 

8. Little did these ladies know, a small man was going to try to ride one of them like a horse on their outing! The two of them both look unfazed, and there’s only one thing going through this guy’s mind: Yee-haw!

9. There’s a very specific reason the tall girl was placed front and center in this photo: she has arms long enough to give everyone a warm embrace! When she’s not posing for pictures, she’s busy rescuing kittens from trees.

10. At first, the furry object lying on top of this couch looks like a comfortable throw rug. Then you realize this “throw rug” has two faces! These cats look super comfortable, even though it appears someone melted them together.

11. How does no one notice this giant child floating on top of this public pool? Okay, so this is obviously just a perfectly-timed photo of her jumping in, but man can she pose like a champ mid-air!

12. There’s definitely a reason these horned cows aren’t trying to chase this lady out of their pasture: she’s clearly part cow herself! Just look at her horns. She should probably wear a cowboy hat to hide those things when she’s in public, though.

13. At first glance, this woman looks like she’s roughly two to three times the size of her partner, which would make for a pretty unusual visual. But, upon closer inspection, a brain-teasing head swap is the real reason why it looks that way…

14. If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know just how overcrowded the place is with pigeons. What’s the only thing worse than pigeons? Pigeons the size of a two-story house.

15. Animals aren’t the only ones that get to have giant fun. This guy would be a great friend to have for when you’re stuck sitting in traffic! 

16. Okay, there’s no such thing as a two-headed dog, but this photographer sure snapped a picture that could convince plenty of people otherwise. This isn’t the only “two headed dog” hiding out on the internet either…

17. Do you remember that Nickelodeon cartoon Catdog where the title animal was a cat and dog connected together? Well, here we have Dogdog! It’s the fun of two dogs but the messy cleanup of one. Plus, it’s an amazing conversation starter.

18. Hey listen, no one is here to judge. If you’re a man who wants to sport some super-short shorts and throw on some classy heels to complement your legs, we support you. Wait… that’s not his body!

19. Does this family photo have four members in it? Or, is the supposed father actually just part of the painting behind them? This smells like a case of Photoshop gone wrong! 

20. Looking at this photo is just plain headache inducing. Is this car actually flying down the freeway in reverse? No, it can’t be. This vehicle would honestly be a danger on the road simply for being such a mind-bending distraction. 

Our brains tend to play tricks on us when we first look at something slightly confusing. But, if you pay attention and look closely, you’ll see right through the trickery!

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