21 Mischievous Pets Who Should Never Have Been Left At Home Alone

We’ve all gotten ourselves into mischief at some point in our lives. It’s a natural part of growing. Especially as a child, we learn the difference between right and wrong by deciding to stir up a little trouble.

But humans aren’t the only culprits of cheeky behavior! Animals can cause trouble just as much as we can. Their curiosity gets the better of them and they just can’t help doing what they do best — making a mess.

Check out these 21 pictures of adorable animals who decided to act a little too rambunctiously while their owners were gone!

Learning right from wrong is a vital part of growing up, but in order to do that we usually have to cause a bit of trouble. When it comes to young animals, they also need to stir up a little mischief of their own before they learn what’s acceptable behavior. Like this very guilty boy below…

1cajun_kidATL / Reddit

Imagine coming home and finding this? Apparently, this dog decided he would try to help with a little bit of wallpapering. Unfortunately, destroying everything in sight is not what the owner had in mind. Maybe he was bored?

2TNI Press

It’s no mystery that cats love to get their claws into anything they can, and that includes home furniture. These two guys just wanted to play with the feathers in the couch cushions, and why shouldn’t they? Look at how much fun it turned out to be!

3TNI Press

As nimble as some animals may seem, they don’t truly understand how much damage they can cause by jumping onto things that are in no way meant for them. Blinds might look appealing to a cat or dog, but all it takes is one false leap and you’ll be adding window blinds to your next shopping list.

4TNI Press

They say “curiosity killed the cat.” Well, it looks like curiosity also got them wrapped up in an entire roll of toilet paper! These kittens couldn’t help but let their desire to play with tissue paper get the best of them! At least they’re cute.

5TNI Press

Finding out that your pet has destroyed one of your household items is never a pleasant surprise, but sometimes it’s so hard to get mad at them when they look up at you with those big eyes as if to say, “Who? Me?”

6TNI Press

For whatever reason, dogs seem very excited sometimes to show off their naughty behavior. This pup looks proud to present his owner with… a newly destroyed slipper! Looks like his human will be going barefoot for the next couple of days.

7TNI Press

 This excited little pup wanted his owner to know that no amount of straps on a shoe could stop him from accomplishing his mission! It looks like he put a lot of work in and, much to the dismay of his owner, he succeeded. 

8TNI Press

There has to be something very special about cotton because it seems like animals are always trying to pull every last bit of it out of your furniture. The dog in this picture is standing proudly over his fluffy prize!

9TNI Press

There’s a saying that goes, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day,” but apparently if you give a dog a magazine he’ll eat it until there’s almost nothing left! This dog made sure to leave a nice little pile of scraps behind for his owner.

10TNI Press

This guy looks like he was trying to be helpful and lay down some topsoil to help his owner do a little landscaping. The thing he doesn’t understand is that tearing the bag open and showering the floor with it helps no one.

11TNI Press

This four-legged buddy looks like he’s anxiously awaiting his owner’s arrival through the front door. It seems like he made somewhat of a mess, but not nearly as much as some of these other troublemakers!

12TNI Press

Take a look at these partners in crime. Sure, it takes two to tango, but it also takes two to make a complete mess around the house. They’re trying to hide behind those big innocent eyes, but hopefully they’ll think before the next time they double-team a path of destruction!

13TNI Press

As a pet owner, you always try to supply your furry friends with enough toys and playthings to keep them happy and occupied, but getting them a stuffed animal is probably the wrong decision. It certainly was here.

14TNI Press

Owning more than one animal can be fun, but at the same time you’re multiplying the chances of a chaotic situation. Especially if all of them decide to engage in some tag-team destruction. These four teamed up and decided to make enemies with the couch!

15TNI Press

Think all your files are safe within the confines of a cardboard box sealed in packaging tape? Think again! Whenever your furry critter gets an idea in their head they’ll stop at almost nothing until they achieve their goal. 

16TNI Press

When a dog wants to gnaw, you better believe he’ll find something to gnaw on, even if it’s a wall inside your home. This guy had to take a nap after he ate a delicious feast consisting of drywall and insulation!

17TNI Press

Even though pets can cause a lot of destruction, sometimes it seems like they immediately know that they did something wrong. This is the face of an animal who knows all too well the mood his owner will be in when they see his DIY project.

18TNI Press

Why in the world would anyone want to ruin their bed? Even thought it’s the place they sleep comfortably every single night, it’s also full of that coveted cotton dogs seem to love so much! How can you resist the fun? This guy sure didn’t!

19TNI Press

Here’s one thing that’s almost impossible to do when you have a mischievous little pet running around your home while you’re gone: stay organized. In fact, they’ll force you to reorganize all your things without even asking you first!

20TNI Press

Even though coming home to a scene of destruction in your house isn’t ideal, all you can really do is laugh it off. Animals will be animals, and even though they may get into mischief, they’re still our best friends!

21TNI Press

Even though these animals caused a lot of ruckus, those cute little faces make it so difficult to stay mad. In these types of situations, all you can do laugh!

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