21 Mischievous Pets Who Should Never Have Been Left At Home Alone

We’ve all gotten ourselves into mischief at some point in our lives. It’s a natural part of growing. Especially as a child, we learn the difference between right and wrong by deciding to stir up a little trouble.

But humans aren’t the only culprits of cheeky behavior! Animals can cause trouble just as much as we can. Their curiosity gets the better of them and they just can’t help doing what they do best — making a mess.

Check out these 21 pictures of adorable animals who decided to act a little too rambunctiously while their owners were gone!

Learning right from wrong is a vital part of growing up, but in order to do that we usually have to cause a bit of trouble. When it comes to young animals, they also need to stir up a little mischief of their own before they learn what’s acceptable behavior. Like this very guilty boy below…

1cajun_kidATL / Reddit

Imagine coming home and finding this? Apparently, this dog decided he would try to help with a little bit of wallpapering. Unfortunately, destroying everything in sight is not what the owner had in mind. Maybe he was bored?

2TNI Press

It’s no mystery that cats love to get their claws into anything they can, and that includes home furniture. These two guys just wanted to play with the feathers in the couch cushions, and why shouldn’t they? Look at how much fun it turned out to be!

3TNI Press

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