16 People Who Woke Up To Some Hilarious Surprises From Their Pets

Waking up is no joke. Sometimes when you’re fresh out of the warm covers, a cup of coffee becomes a necessity for accomplishing even the most minute activity.

Meanwhile, pet owners have a separate list of tasks to complete for their little friends while under the spell of the dawn. Food dishes must be filled, water bowls topped off, and pets like dogs need to be taken outside for their early morning walks.

But our pooches and kitties can be unpredictable, especially when they might have a whole night to get into mischief while you’re sleeping. Here are some that gave their owners something to laugh at in the morning!

1. Rise and shine! Waking up to this face jump-started one Redditor’s day with a little jolt of cute, but you have to hope the dog is able to keep her morning breath and pillow drool in check!

mstrconcept / reddit

2. Have you ever woken up during kitty’s bath time? This feline took care of hygiene early in the morning and was quite focused on his task. And hey—at least he didn’t look to this Redditor for help with the cleaning!

jemiglio / reddit

3. When this Imgur user woke up to a missing pillow and a trail of feathers leading away from her bed, she knew something was awry. While this feather trail didn’t lead to a candy house, it did lead right to the culprit.

everythingwasbeautifulandnothinghurt / imgur

4. Help! Curiosity got the better of this cat who couldn’t help but roll around in the suit jacket he found on the floor. Unfortunately, he found out the hard way that the suit didn’t really fit him all too well.

5. Wakey wakey! This pit bull woke up his Redditor owner with the help of a dreamy stare and hot, muggy breath. Someone call a photographer, because this dog is definitely ready for his close-up.

Colourradio / reddit

6. At first, this dog owner thought an unfamiliar naked man slipped into her bedroom when the lights were low, but upon careful examination, she realized it was just a pooch with oddly toned legs.


7. One Redditor woke up to his cat perched on top of his bedroom door, which begged the obvious question: what sort of black cat voodoo magic did he use to get up there? That would have been one interesting climb to witness.

CaptCash / reddit

8. Another Redditor woke up only to find his pet lizard posing like this, which makes him look like he knows something his owner doesn’t. Either that, or he wants to be painted like one of Jack Dawson’s French girls.

buttermilkgene / reddit

9. This photographer has not had a good night’s rest since his girlfriend moved in along with her cat. Her feline forced him to an early rise and shine because, hey, those food dishes weren’t going to fill themselves.

bjohn84 / imgur

10. What does the cat do while you’re sleeping? In the case of this particular feline, go on an all-night catnip bender. Talk about a bad kitty! It looks like this was a night he’ll absolutely forget.

wolfie305 / reddit

11. Like a mountain goat, this dog perched himself atop the bedroom dresser to… better survey the bedroom land? There isn’t a great explanation for this dog’s strange behavior, but one thing’s for sure: this is an interesting sight to wake up to.

Dms25938 / reddit

12. This guy awakened to find his dog in the middle of heated combat with an enormous bat. While the brave pooch isn’t pictured, he apparently held his own and escaped the battle unscathed. As for the bat? He’s big enough to have what looks like a lion’s mane. No thanks!

treemonkey18 / reddit

13. He’s been waiting so patiently for breakfast, and with these puppy eyes, you’d better believe the Redditor behind this photo had a hard time staying in bed. How could you say no to an adorable face like that?

Plainbox / reddit

14. This cat had a late-night fight with a lizard, and against all odds, the lizard won. Here he is clinging to the whiskers of his defeated feline foe. So, cat owners, add “pulling lizards off of whiskers” to your potential early-morning tasks!

KabeyCakes99 / reddit

15. This Redditor’s girlfriend woke up early. And, of course, who can pass up a warm bed and blanket? Not this little dude, who found a way to nestle himself under the covers right where she’d been sleeping.

nayttt / reddit

16. Chances are, at some point, you’ve headed downstairs late in the night to grab a little treat. But have you ever been beaten to the fridge by your pet tortoise? This Imgur user was, and he had to wait in the slowest-moving line for his midnight snack!

comacomacomacomachameleon / imgur

These pets sure did make the day interesting! At least they waited until morning to begin their shenanigans.

Share these hilarious early-morning wake-up calls with your friends who love animals below!

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