These Two Sisters Used Seduction As Their Weapon Against The Nazis In World War II

During times of war, you want to do anything it takes to try to win, even if it means becoming close with the enemy. Their guard is down, and you may, in fact, have the chance to foil their plans.

It may sound tactless at first, but seducing the enemy is one way women were able to find a way in and make them vulnerable. Playing on lust as a weakness was, sometimes, a necessary part of the game. It may not have been everyone’s first choice, but it was definitely one way to come out on top.

During World War II, sisters Truus and Freddie Oversteegen played a major role in helping to bring down the Nazi party. Just wait until you see how they did it…

During World War II, the Nazis were an increasingly imposing force that many countries encountered. At times, it seemed that the war would never end.
naziNationalmuseet- National Museum of Denmark / Flickr

The Nazi party was incredibly powerful. Citizens knew that it would take something extraordinary to eventually end their reign.

nazi 7

Two sisters, Truus and Freddie Oversteegen, who were very young members of the Nazi Resistance at the time, devised a plan to hopefully take down members of the Nazi party.

nazi 1Truus and Freddie Oversteegen / Manon Hoorntsra

Truus was 14 at the time and should been have much too young to take her action to the battlefield. However, she had grown up in a family that was heavily involved with helping Jewish refugees escape encampment. 

nazi 2Truus and Freddie Oversteegen / Manon Hoorntsra

Her older sister, Freddie, assisted her family in helping the victims of war. She and Truus would destroy railway lines, rescue Jewish children and kill as many Nazis as they could get their hands on.

nazi 3Truus and Freddie Oversteegen / Manon Hoorntsra

How exactly did Truus and Freddie execute their plans? It was a very sly method, but it worked perfectly. Truus would approach a Nazi soldier and start to flirt with him…

nazi 8

Then, she would ask if they wanted to go for a walk. The soldier would almost always agree and take the fatal stroll into the woods. Once behind the forest coverage, Resistance fighters would emerge and kill them.

nazi 9

Truus and Freddie continued this method for a long time. The were able to trick many Nazis into taking the dreaded walk with them. Much later in life, the sisters would recollect the events that drove them to help the Resistance fighters.

nazi 5

Truus and Freddie will always be heroes in everyone’s minds. The two women are honored every year on the Dutch Day of Remembrance.

nazi 10

Check out the video below to learn more about these brave women!

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These women were so brave, especially for their ages! It’s wonderful that these women were able to make a difference.

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