20 Surreal Objects That Were Recovered From Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch After He Passed

Michael Jackson was a legend in his time and will be remembered in the annals of pop music for years to come. Unfortunately, he won’t just be remembered for his musical stylings; Jackson will also remembered for his eccentric—and sometimes outright odd—behavior at his estate in Los Olivos, California, Neverland Ranch.

Neverland Ranch was Jackson’s escape from the stresses of celebrity life, and he made sure to fill it with an amusement park, a petting zoo, statues, a movie theater, two railroads, and a secret room. During the infamous trial People v. Jackson, investigators raided the property in 2003—and discovered plenty of odd collectibles. Here are just 20 of the items Michael Jackson kept on his property that’ll leave you scratching your head!

1. Child mannequins: When investigators were searching Neverland Ranch, they came across something very strange indeed. Michael Jackson actually collected child mannequins that were posed in strange ways all around the ranch!

2. Life masks: Jackson owned at least three exceptionally realistic life masks cast from his own face in movement. The expressions on the masks are exceptionally haunting, but that doesn’t affect their value. Insurers estimate each mask to be worth over $600.

3. Life-sized young cowboy: In addition to all of his mannequins, Jackson also owned this life-sized statue of a young cowboy clutching a teddy bear. A fan bought this strange memento from the estate for over $1,000.

4. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber: Jackson bought this item in the hopes that it would help him live longer. There were even rumors he slept in it, which he denied. He eventually donated this one to a hospital that specialized in the treatment of burns.

5. Moonwalker video game: After the success of Jackson’s film Moonwalker, SEGA released a Moonwalker game in 1990. Somewhat ironically, the game’s storyline follows Jackson as he rescues children from a faceless character named Mr. Big.

6. Macaulay Culkin painting: Jackson and this one-time child star were very close. In fact, Culkin is the godfather to Jackson’s daughter, Paris! Among Jackson’s collectibles was this painting done by Culkin at the age of 11.

7. Home Alone autograph: In addition to owning that original painting by the young Macaulay Culkin, Jackson also kept an autographed Home Alone press photo of the actor framed in a secret closet eventually found by investigators.

8. Robotic head: When an auction house was hired to clear out Neverland Ranch in 2008, it found this massive, fully operational robotic head designed to look just like the former Prince of Pop. Talk about strange!

9. Bubbles the chimp: Jackson was well known for his eccentric behavior, so when he adopted a chimp named Bubbles, almost no one batted an eyelash. Bubbles lives in an animal sanctuary today, where he enjoys painting.

10. Throne: Also inside of the secret closet in the heart of Neverland Ranch was this enormous and ornate throne. While it might not be made of actual gold, that doesn’t make its appearance any less impressive.

11. Edward Scissorhands’ scissor hands: Johnny Depp wore these impressive scissor-handed gloves in the Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands. You don’t have to be a film buff to know that these are a serious collector’s item.

12. The Batsuit: Jackson owned one of the original suits from the 1989 hit, Batman. In fact, he was a huge fan of the franchise. He wanted to write music for the film, but couldn’t due to prior commitments. Prince took the gig instead.

13. Tasseled choker: This was a keepsake from Jackson’s days with his family’s music group, the Jackson 5. He used to wear the tasseled choker while performing alongside his brothers.

14. Life-sized Power Ranger: Jackson reportedly kept a massive Power Ranger sculpture just outside of his bedroom door. Either he really loved the show, or he really loved terrifying his visitors. Maybe both…

15. A train: Some people maintain a love of toy trains long after they reach adulthood. But Jackson loved trains so much that he actually had two of his own passenger trains to cart him around his ranch.

16. Concert hall: Naturally, the King of Pop had his own full-size, indoor concert hall on the grounds of his ranch. Although it could seat more than a thousand people, no concerts were ever performed in it.

17. Cows: It’s no secret that Jackson was a serious animal lover. He loved animals so much that he toyed with the idea of opening his own farm. Sadly, he never got further than buying a simple herd of cows.

18. Carousel: To Jackson, his Neverland Ranch was a place where everyone should feel free to act like a kid. To that end, he installed many amusement park rides, including this ornate carousel.

19. Kissing door knocker: Everybody is entitled to cultivating their own style when it comes to home decor. For Jackson, that meant investing in a door knocker designed to look like two boys kissing.

20. Zoltar, the Fortune Teller: While Jackson might have thought that this toy was a fun addition to his collection, it probably just made most people think of the haunted machine in the movie Big!

Can you imagine all the items that Michael Jackson spent his fortune on? Despite the controversies surrounding him, he truly had a sense for fun… even if it seemed creepy at times.

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