Just Some Puppies Wearing PJs To Brighten Everyone’s Day

It’s almost impossible for kids to not look adorable in pajamas. Whether they’re simple onesies or adorned with Disney princesses and Power Rangers, you just have to love them.

Apparently, that rule works the same way with dogs. Puppies in pajamas are exactly as cute as they sound!

These 24 puppers, however, can’t seem to agree on how to feel about their nighttime attire. Whether they’re happy, sad, angry, or confused, each one is completely precious!

1. Aw, this poor little guy doesn’t look like he wants to go to bed just yet. Either that, or he’s even more upset that he has to wear those silly pajamas. He does look quite adorable, though!


2. Bulldogs naturally have rather sad-looking faces as they are, but this cute striped onesie outfit seems to make her even more grumpy. Way to get her while she’s already down!


3. Dogs often have expressions that appear to be almost “human,” and that’s especially true of this chocolate Labrador retriever. He’s so easy to relate to, especially if you’ve ever resisted bedtime!


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