Just Some Puppies Wearing PJs To Brighten Everyone’s Day

It’s almost impossible for kids to not look adorable in pajamas. Whether they’re simple onesies or adorned with Disney princesses and Power Rangers, you just have to love them.

Apparently, that rule works the same way with dogs. Puppies in pajamas are exactly as cute as they sound!

These 24 puppers, however, can’t seem to agree on how to feel about their nighttime attire. Whether they’re happy, sad, angry, or confused, each one is completely precious!

1. Aw, this poor little guy doesn’t look like he wants to go to bed just yet. Either that, or he’s even more upset that he has to wear those silly pajamas. He does look quite adorable, though!


2. Bulldogs naturally have rather sad-looking faces as they are, but this cute striped onesie outfit seems to make her even more grumpy. Way to get her while she’s already down!


3. Dogs often have expressions that appear to be almost “human,” and that’s especially true of this chocolate Labrador retriever. He’s so easy to relate to, especially if you’ve ever resisted bedtime!


4. This Dachshund certainly would have been cute enough if he was only wearing those pajamas. The duck slippers, however, take his preciousness to another level entirely!


5. “Nice pup,” indeed! What’s better than a dog in fuzzy gray and red pajamas? How about a dog in fuzzy gray and red pajamas curled up with his favorite fluffy toy? That makes it so much better.


6. “Just hangin’ out with my bear!” It’s pretty cute that this pup and his teddy are the same size. What better way to get ready for bed than to snuggle up with your favorite stuffed animal?


7. This little doggy in a paw print-patterned onesie looks too sleepy to care about anything else going on around him. He’s about to transport himself to dreamland at just about any moment!


8. This puppy is adorable enough as she is, from her fuzzy paws to her boop-able nose. Put her in bear pajamas—complete with a hoodie and ears—and cuddles becomes difficult to resist!


9. “Ugh! Stripes are so last year!” Some of the puppies on this list look quite sleepy in their pajamas, but this one looks straight-up angry. He is not happy about this outfit, and he certainly wants you to know it!


10. “Okay, fine, I’ll go to bed. But you need to read me and Quacky a bedtime story! Maybe the one about the three bears? Or the Ugly Duckling? Whoops, sorry Quacky.”


11. Twinning! These little guys actually look pretty happy to be snuggling together in their matching Christmas-themed pajamas. Look at how he lovingly rests his paw over his brother!


12. Pit bulls, quite unfairly, get a bad rap as aggressive and dangerous dogs (they’re not). Yet one look at this pittie puppy should be enough to change even the most skeptical person’s mind! How could you ever be mad at that face?


13. This Pomeranian puppy is so sleepy that he can’t even manage to stay awake long enough for his super-cute photo shoot! “Wake up, little guy! It’s time to model your new jammies!”


14. Just look at this little Labrador retriever puppy! Those flower-patterned pajamas are super trendy right now. Still, she looks like she’d rather be snoozing than posing for pictures. “Can I take a nap yet, Mom?”


15. This itty bitty French bulldog clearly has places to be… like in bed, curled up under the covers with a flashlight and his favorite adventure book. At least he honored his human’s request for an impromptu picture!


16. “Stripes or spots?” Hey, why not both? His onesie event has built-in socks! This little puppy looks like he’s perfectly comfy and ready for a bowl of popcorn and a funny movie before his bedtime.


17. “Whyyyyy can’t I stay up past 9, Mom? Please? Pretty, pretty please?” This sweet French bulldog is giving her best puppy-dog eyes, but we’re not sure if it’ll work. Every pup needs her beauty rest!


18. Blankets? Check. Zippered pee-jays? Check. Cuddle buddy? Check! This pair of Strattfordshire bull terriers couldn’t look any happier about their bedtime! Look at those sleepy smiles!


19. Just look at the way that this Yorkshire terrier’s fur sticks out of his teddy bear-themed pajamas, complete with a precious little hood! Don’t you want to reach out and hug him?


20. “Okay, you took your picture. I know I look cute in my Christmas light jammies, but can you please put away the camera now? Santa Paws won’t give me presents until I’m sleeping!”


21. This precious Corgi looks quite pleased with his attire. In fact, he seems positively delighted! Maybe he’s hoping for a quick game of fetch before bed. Sounds fun, but good luck trying to get this excited little guy to sleep afterward!


22. This exhausted pupper looks like he can’t even protest this photo shoot as he shows off his automobile-themed pajamas. Soon enough, he’ll be chasing cars and trucks in his dreams!


23. This adorable golden retriever puppy looks just like her stuffed doggy friend as they snuggle together for a nap. Those teddy bear slippers make this photo even cuter!


24. “Who’s ready for his sleepy time? Yes you are! Yes you are!” This happy puppy couldn’t be any more excited to be in his animal-printed pajamas. Nothing will be able bring him down!


These puppies may have mixed emotions about their nighttime outfits, but they’re all equally cute. Sleep tight, little guys!

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