911 Call About A Little Girl Found Alone In A Field Is Truly Upsetting

While beyond tragic, little unites a community like a missing child. Nearly everyone who has a child, a sibling, or a young relative of their own can understand firsthand how painful it feels when they’re in trouble, and the desire to protect them and keep them safe kicks their instincts into high gear.

One Ohio city knew that feeling all too well: When two-year-old Rainn Peterson went missing from her great-grandparents’ backyard in Trumbull County, her family was understandably frantic. Search teams assembled, and volunteers spent two whole days scouring the area for any sign of the little girl. Sadly, the odds were not in Rainn’s favor—48 hours was a long time for a toddler to be missing.

The situation seemed completely hopeless. That’s when a 9-1-1 dispatcher received a strange phone call…

When two-year-old Rainn Peterson disappeared from her great-grandparents’ backyard in Trumbull County, Ohio, one day, it struck a chord with everyone in the community. Rainn’s family and neighbors alike were frantic, and they didn’t have any clues about her disappearance. It was as if she’d just wandered off.

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Search parties quickly assembled, helicopters took flight, warnings were communicated, and soon it was a whole county effort to find the missing little girl. After two days, hope in finding the toddler dwindled.

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Resident Victor Sutton spent the second day of Rainn’s disappearance searching the area nearby her great-grandparents’ house. “I was by myself down there,” he told USA Today, “and I was really looking for areas that… It didn’t appear that people had been,” he said. That’s when he came across something shocking…

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As he walked carefully along a creek bed, Victor saw a flash of purple—it was the color of the last clothes Rainn had been seen wearing. Heart racing, he moved closer to the clothing and came across an astonishing discovery: it was her! Victor whipped out his cell phone and made a call to a 9-1-1 dispatcher. “I found baby Rainn and she’s alive!” he screamed.

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Victor’s phone call was so packed with emotion that it went viral. In the released recording, you can periodically hear Victor giving peaceful reassurance to Rainn. “Hi baby, stay still,” he said to her. The dispatcher was also heard asking the important details: “Is she okay, does she need an ambulance?”

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“She’s got flies all over her, but she’s okay,” came Victor’s reply. You could hear the joy and relief in his voice. “I looked, and I could see her hair, and obviously she was just laying there, and I initially thought the worst,” he said. What happened next, however, gave Victor and the operator goosebumps…

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Victor gently reassured Rainn that she would be okay. “Hi baby! Hi baby! You’re OK, sweetheart. I swear you’re going to be OK.” Then, for the first time, you can actually hear Rainn on his end of the phone call!

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Rainn then let out a massive wail, which the operator heard loud and clear on the other end. “I just got goosebumps,” she said. Clearly, finding Rainn was a personal goal of the entire community, and even the dispatcher felt tremendous relief in just hearing her voice. “Oh my God, me too,” Victor responded. “I couldn’t give up on this kid.”

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Even the first sheriff deputy who responded to the call, Dario Poledica, couldn’t contain himself. He said he unintentionally broke a few police radio procedures when he called out, “It’s her! She’s alive!” in his excitement. “It’s impossible to describe the emotion,” he told Inside Edition, “unless you were there.”

Inside Edition / Youtube

The written word doesn’t do the full story justice; hearing the emotion in both the caller and 9-1-1 operator’s voices is an exceptional experience. Listen for yourself by watching the video below!

Amazingly, Rainn made it through the entire ordeal with just a bad diaper rash! Her disappearance brought people from all walks of life together, and the excitement when she was found was palpable!

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