Waitress’s Day Takes A Drastic Turn When 9 Police Officers Enter Her Restaurant

Even among police officers, there are some who stand above the rest. Sure, it comes with the territory, but all too often that willingness to rush into harm’s way can have devastating effects.

When a group of police officers walked through the door at the Red Robin restaurant where Jessica Dunbar worked in Columbus, Ohio, she immediately sensed that something was wrong.

After inquiring as to what was bothering them, she felt compelled to do something that left them speechless…

It’s generally understood that police officers put their lives on the line in the name of duty every single day. While it’s often a thankless job, that doesn’t mean that everyday citizens aren’t grateful for their services.

When nine police officers walked into a Red Robin restaurant and sat in waitress Jessica Dunbar’s section, she could immediately tell that something was wrong. Her own father was a cop, and she knew just how dangerous and draining the job could be—and she saw it all over these officers’ faces.


Sensing the urge to help in any way she could, Jessica walked over to the table and asked one of the officers if everything was alright. That’s when she learned the horrifying truth about what was causing them to look so sad that day…

 It turned out that the nine officers were just coming from the funeral of a fallen officer. “It’s never an easy day when you have to put a brother in the ground,” the officer replied to Jessica’s question.

It turned out they were talking about fellow SWAT officer Steven Smith, who was shot and killed in the line of duty earlier that week. Jessica was so deeply moved by their loss that she knew she had to do something to express her gratitude.


As soon as the officers were ready to pay their bill, Jessica stepped in—and they were shocked. The total of their meals came to $123, but instead of handing them the check, Jessica insisted on doing something else…

It was just a small gesture, but Jessica offered to pay their bill in full. She wanted to let the officers know how greatly appreciated their service was to her. That’s when she penned a letter, explaining her decision.

Jessica couldn’t help but feel sorry for the police officers who’d lost a comrade so suddenly. “I just wanted to do something nice,” Jessica explained to reporters during an interview with a local news station. “You can’t put a dollar amount on making somebody happy.”

The officers were beyond appreciative of Jessica’s kind gesture. “To have them shake my hand and say ‘thank you’ to me, that was incredible,” she recalled when the officers thanked her. She was even asked to the visit the police station where they worked!

Jessica’s good deed proved that, while police officers’ duties are often overlooked, there are still good people in the world who are paying attention to what they do day in and day out. Thankfully, she knew just the right time to show her appreciation!

The officers were deeply moved by her gesture. To a waitress like Jessica with a family of her own, that kind of money doesn’t come easily, but that didn’t matter!

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