25 Real-Life ‘Easter Eggs’ That Popped Up On The Streets To Brighten People’s Day

While we’re often in a rush or looking at our phones while we walk around our cities, it’s important not to forget to look around every once in a while. You might run into a spark of creativity — hidden little “Easter eggs” only the most observant will notice!

See, inanimate, boring, everyday objects are not much fun to look at, so street artists around the world have transformed posts, gutters, and more into whimsical art pieces. When creatives saw these 25 mundane objects, they saw an opportunity to create something fun and simply wonderful…

1. Is it really wasteful to throw a cookie in this trash can when you know Cookie Monster will totally enjoy it? Be careful though, Monster: before you know it, Oscar the Grouch will have moved in!

2. The dandelion huggers are back at it! Please do not touch, pluck, or blow on the dandelion. Respect the barrier and its need for personal space, please. Go bother the daisies two blocks down.

3. Princess Leia, is that you? The great thing about this piece of street art is not just that it’s funny or cute-looking — it’s that a Star Wars fan looked at a fire hydrant and thought: “wow, those sides are perfect for the Princess’ buns!”

4. This is not from the reality TV show Tiny House, but rather a small easter egg found in Disneyland’s Fantasy World! We wonder what small creature could live here… It certainly is too shabby for Tinkerbell.

5. This grate gives us a sudden hankering for sushi. Just kidding, but it is a fun way to spruce up a regular old grate! Now that it’s more noticeable, maybe fewer heels will get stuck in it?

6. Perhaps you’ve seen the meme of Homer Simpson disappearing back into a hedge to avoid an uncomfortable situation. If you haven’t seen it, this is pretty much it, except in real life. Whatever happens on this driveway must be really awkward.

7. This train station in Malmö, Sweden, got pretty creative with their barricades to keep cars from parking on the sidewalk. Take a seat on this cinder block, and get a free ticket to childhood fun.

8. This piece of street art definitely looks cool, but it might not be the best idea. People will love it, and they will pull the lever, possibly turning off the electricity, water, or whatever is behind this small metal box.

9. This bird made of legos on this bathroom sign is cool in and of itself, but wait until you find out its location: Legoland! This little guy will help you find the bathroom and keep watch over his fellow Lego friends. Tweet tweet!

10. You must be THIS short to get into this restaurant! Where else is a mouse supposed to eat after we fill our homes with traps and cats? Let’s just hope the owner of the larger bike is extra careful riding off.

11. Lock your bike to this bike lock! While most cities have a boring pole to park your bike on, the city of Ottawa, Canada, has these nice racks instead. Don’t forget to use your actual lock though.

12. In their song Take It Easy, the Eagles sang, “Well, I’m a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, and such a fine sight to see… It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me.” To commemorate the tune, the town created a small park depicting the famous lyrics.

13. Do you think there’s a chance that a musician might live here? The piano pattern on the tiles is incredibly creative, although the sheet music may suffer the next time someone opens the door.

14. Is this the Krusty Krab? No, this is copyright infringement! Whether the real-life restaurant from Spongebob was ever allowed to open its doors is unclear, but if it really does exist, Plankton will probably be by soon to steal the Krabby Patty secret recipe.

15. At first glance, this may seem like a regular tile floor, but what if we told you that these tiles are located in the U.S. Postal Museum? The top ones look like the front of a regular letter envelope with a stamp in the corner, while the bottom tiles mimic the back of the envelope.

16. Some parks are nothing but a bench and a bush, but we’ve never seen a park as small as this little green patch. Our guess is the plaque refers to a bigger park a few feet away, but the sign saying “keep off the grass” makes for a pretty good joke anyway.

17. Let’s take this sign as a strong advisement not to enter this already creepy path. What makes it look even eerier is the big chunk missing from the side. Were there any zombies here? Don’t go any further without Michonne!

18. This tiny figure found in Amsterdam is called the Epic Split Statuette, depicting athletic Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing his famous split. Located between the Hilton Hotel’s pillars near the Central Station. It was actually placed by an advertisement agency, but the city liked it, so it’s been there 30 years now.

19. Chuck Norris can do anything. He can fight bears, he can do a thousand push-ups, he can…break a concrete bench. It’s unclear how Charles could’ve broken this bench while protecting America unless he became a giant (which he could probably do as well).

20. Did Jerry get so out of control that Tom had to move to a formal office building? We’re not sure if this doggy-sized door leads anywhere, but if it does, we definitely think it’s worth getting on all fours to take a peek! 

21. Be aGRASSive! Be, be, agrassive! Whoever created this tiny street art certainly had spirit! People tell you that you should always keep your chin up, but every once in a while it pays off to look down.

22. Watch out for ghosts, Mr. Pacman! This piece of sidewalk art is a rabbit hole of ’80s video games. Just don’t lift up the lid and go down the actual hole. What’s down there is probably scarier than losing the game.

23. Different versions of this sign can be found all over the United States, and you can actually buy one for your own “site” on Amazon. The likeliness of nothing happening in a whole year is pretty slim, though!

24. Another great use of a boring old fire hydrant: turn it into a minion. This hydrant was so despicable it needed a costume to spruce up the place. Bananaaaa!

25. And finally: all you need is love…and a fun new coat of paint. Looks like the streets of Barcelona are the new home of Ringo Starr. When he’s not too busy banging the drums, perhaps he could narrate another season of Thomas & Friends, seeing as how the Beatles probably won’t get back together.

Although not everyone has permission to redecorate the city, you can always get creative when it comes to your own home! Use these images for inspiration and turn something dull into something wonderful.

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