Adorable Dog That Was Raised By Cats Now Believes She’s One Of Them

Animals, like humans, are a product of their environment; they learn behavioral patterns from those around them. They will mimic whatever species they spend most of their time around while they grow up, and sometimes, this leads to very amusing results—such as in the case of a dog named Tally.

Tally, an adorable husky-malamute mix, grew up alongside cats. Now, she doesn’t act like a dog at all. She’s really more of a feline than she is a canine!

She loves basking in the sun, she doesn’t bark, and most of her behaviors are just downright cat-like. Don’t believe it? Well, see for yourself…

Animals, much like humans, develop behavioral patterns based on what they observe as they grow from babies into adults. This couldn’t be more true than in the case of one husky named Tally. See, she was raised around only cats, and she picked up some very unusual habits that make her perhaps the most cat-like dog you’ve ever seen!


For starters, every time Tally sits down, she strikes a pose identical to a feline. Most dogs just want to collapse onto the ground and let their arms and legs sprawl out, but Tally tucks her limbs underneath her body and sits very delicately.


If there is one thing that all cat owners know, it’s that their feline friends love to play with boxes. And guess what? So does Tally! No matter what size or shape a box is, she will climb all the way in and hang out for extended periods of time.


Her current owner adopted her when she was two years old. She spent the first couple years of her life surrounded by nothing but cats, and so she learned to behave just like them. Tally knows no other way to be!


Even though Tally acts just like a cat, her owner doesn’t mind at all. They actually think it’s pretty cool that Tally is so unique. Most pet owners can’t say that they have an animal quite as remarkable and lovable as Tally!


Her owner says that for the most part, Tally ignores other dogs. Even when she sees them on the street or in the park, she pays no mind. “She hasn’t seen a cat since we adopted her. I think she misses her kind.”


Like cats, Tally isn’t a huge fan of belly rubs. “She’ll stare at you and sigh a lot until you stop.” Instead, she prefers a nice long back massage and a head scratch. She lays out on the couch and uses her adorable eyes to ask for your affection.


Some people might think that cats are aloof and independent, but that’s completely untrue. The cats that helped “raise” Tally must have had some zany personalities! Tally loves to be the center of attention and make everyone around her laugh themselves silly. Just look at that goofy grin.


When Tally isn’t making everyone bellow in laughter, she is usually very quiet. She rarely ever barks, and she has a very mellow energy to her in general. She’s one of the most well-behaved dogs around.


Similar to a cat, Tally likes to lie around the house instead of interacting with company. She’ll find a spot that’s far enough away from the activity, but close enough that she can silently observe what’s happening.


One of Tally’s favorite pastimes is sunbathing! Whenever the weather is warm and sun is shining bright, she lays out on the porch and soaks up the rays with a smile on her face. This is her paradise, and she enjoys every second of it.


Even though Tally is much more like a cat than a dog, she is still an amazing pet that everyone loves as soon as they meet her. Not only does her unique personality make her one-of-a-kind, but she’s charming as well!


What an amazing cat… er, dog! There’s probably never a dull day in that house when Tally’s around!

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