Photographic Brain Busters That Take People Forever To Solve

Let’s face it: most of us miss a lot of the details in life. We’re so busy with our day-to-day tasks that it’s sometimes easy for us to overlook the most obvious things that are right in front of our noses. That’s even the case if we’re simply looking at a picture!

For instance, thousands of people on Facebook have tried to tackle these photographic brain busters, but only a few of them have been able to identify the tell-tale mistakes. It takes a keen eye to spot what’s wrong in each picture. Do you have what it takes?

1. Unless you regularly go fishing or you drive boats in your spare time, there’s a chance you won’t notice what’s wrong with this picture. The answer is subtle, but once you see it, it’ll make a lot of sense…

Notice that object toward the front of the boat? That’s actually the hitch to a trailer, which is typically meant to be attached to cars in order to transport boats on land. This boater forgot to detach it when he went for a little spin around the lake!

2. Kevin Durant has been in the NBA for quite some time. So long, in fact, that he’s not even on the Oklahoma City Thunder anymore. But he’s definitely not old enough to be going gray already—so what gives?

Oh, now it makes sense. Durant was just taking a breather at the scoring table, lowered his head, and a perfectly timed shot made another man’s head look like it belonged to Durent. Either that, or this is a look into the future and he eventually returns to Oklahoma City when he’s much, much older!

3. Be prepared for this one to blow your mind. Here are two raccoons walking together, but how in the world is that rock behind them just floating in the air like that? There must be some sort of simple explanation, right?

Turns out the picture is actually taken at somewhat of an angle, looking down. Those raccoons are actually walking uphill, and there’s a body of water behind them with a rock poking out of it. That water is simply reflecting the sky above, making it appear as if it’s the sky itself. Now it makes sense!

4. Multi-headed dogs are a thing of Greek mythology, but do they occur in actual life? Well, yes—but did this person happen upon one while out for a walk recently? Take a look and be the judge…

Nope! If you look between the dog owner’s legs, you can clearly see one dog is standing in front of him, while the other is simply poking out through his legs. Now that’s a dog trick you don’t see all that often!

5. If there’s one thing hockey fans enjoy, it’s a good fight. From the looks of it, these two Euro hockey players got into such an intense brawl that one of them literally lost his head! Or did he?

Well, not exactly. As it turns out, this is another case of a photo being taken at just the right time. You see, the player who looks like he lost his head simply bowed his head at the exact moment his helmet popped off.

6. When a woman shared this photo on Instagram, people immediately asked if her legs were super oily… or if there was something else at play. They look soaking wet, don’t they? Well, that’s not quite true…

This art student was actually using her creative talents to trick everyone who saw her photograph. If you look closely, you’ll notice there isn’t any oil on her legs at all. Instead, she simply put a few streaks of white paint on her legs to create the illusion. Now that’s art!

7. Would you look at the wingspan on that young girl? Any WNBA coaches with an immediate need for a starting center should definitely give her a call, because she could block just about any shot coming her way…

Just kidding. If you look at the circled areas, you can tell that this young lady does not have super long arms at all; the kid in the black shirt and khaki shorts to her right is helping out a little bit.

8. Someone should tell this new dad it’s not exactly safe to hold your child from a balcony high in the sky. Wait a second! You might have to take a closer look to see what’s really going on. Surely, he’s not that foolish…

Phew! Take a closer look at the circled area. It might look like a train station down below, but it turns out that’s just a model train set at a museum, and this dad is simply letting his child experience it up close and personal.

9. This guy must have been watching Stranger Things recently, because it looks like he’s entered the Upside Down—or at least the Sideways Up. Yet, a close inspection might just reveal the truth. Do you see what’s really going on here?

If you turn the photo, you can clearly see that this uprooted tree presented the perfect photo opportunity for this guy. He’s simply lying on a log, while his friend took the shot and edited it so it appears vertical. Nice try!

10. Here are two best friends leaning in to take a nice photograph together. They’re both smiling and look pretty happy to be with each other… but what’s that on the arm on the woman on the right?

If you guessed that’s not her arm, then you’re correct. You see, both women are on their stomachs on the bed and their male friend’s hairy knee kind of makes it look like his limb is her body. Talk about bad timing!

With pictures, there’s always more than meets the eye. Next time you’re looking through a photo album, take a minute to fully digest what you’re looking at. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something like this in your own pictures.

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