Young Truck Driver Learns A Wild Detail About A Co-Worker’s Past That Changes Everything

Nathan Boos grew up in a loving family with parents that supported his every ambition. If you asked him point blank, he’d probably tell you his life was just about perfect: there was nothing he could possibly want…Or at least, so he thought.

When the Wisconsin man bonded with a fellow co-worker, he never suspected the relationship would show him exactly what was missing from his life. And after a conversation between the two over social media, they couldn’t deny fate had brought them together…

Nathan Boos, a 27-year-old living in his hometown of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, was more than happy with his quiet life. He studied welding at Chippewa Valley Technical College, and after some professional soul searching, eventually started his own trucking company.

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His personal life was a happy, too. In addition to finishing school and having a successful career, he found the love of his life, Nicole Marie Hein. The couple planned to marry.

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Nathan didn’t look back on his past too much anymore. See, Nathan was put up for adoption right after he was born, but he never questioned his adoptive parents too much about his birth parents or their names.

Like many adopted children, it took Nathan a long time to feel fully a part of his adoptive family. But by the time he reached junior high school, Nathan felt comfortable and accepted — he never questioned who his birth parents were after that point.

New York Post

 It wasn’t until over a decade later that Nathan started to unravel a mystery that he never planned on discovering in the first place. It started when Nathan’s adoptive dad accompanied him on a work trip from Georgia to Illinois several years ago.

The two were talking about how, from a young age, Nathan always said he wanted to be a truck driver. Nathan’s adoptive father said in passing that it’s in his blood. This was news to Nathan, he didn’t know that his biological father was also a trucker!

The conversation got Nathan thinking: “I probably met my father when I was trucking on the road,” he said. “I probably met him at a truck stop and didn’t know it. It wasn’t something I was hell-bent on figuring out.”

New York Post

Life went on and nothing amounted from the conversation between Nathan and his adoptive father. Several years passed, and in 2016, Nathan started a new job with Rock Solid Transport.

 Things were going really well with his new job. He made new friends with his co-workers quickly, and among them was an older man with whom Nathan really connected. 

Robert Degaro / Facebook

His new friend was 55-year-old Robert Degaro. Robert had only joined the company a few months before Nathan, so they spent a lot of time around each other. Due to their similar sense of humor, the pair became close friends.

Robert Degaro / Facebook

Nathan and Robert loved to tease their co-workers and joke around together. As time went on and their friendship grew stronger, and they became friends on Facebook. Their interaction on social media did not go unnoticed by Nathan’s adoptive mother.


One night, she asked to sit down with Nathan and told him that she needed to show him something very important. Little did Nathan know, she was about to tell him something that would change his life.


Nathan’s mother pulled up his Facebook page and started scrolling through profiles. She clicked on a photo and showed it to Nathan. She then said, “I just want you to know that you’re friends with your birth father on Facebook.”

Nathan was in disbelief because the photo she had shown him was of Robert Degaro, his friend from Rock Solid Transport! Nathan’s adoptive mother had no idea that Nathan  worked with Robert and saw him daily. She just assumed they’d met at a truck stop.

Robert Degaro

Once the shock wore off, Nathan knew he needed to tell Robert what he’d learned. He figured he would ease into the conversation via Facebook since that’s where many of their conversations took place.

Nathan began by asking Robert if he knew a particular woman, stating, “I just found out that she’s my biological mother. My mom told me last night.” Robert was stunned because he did in fact know Nathan’s biological mother.

New York Post

It turns out that his biological mother was Robert’s ex-wife. They quickly moved the conversation to the phone, and that’s when Robert explained Nathan’s mom had gotten pregnant during a time where they weren’t stable in their relationship, and they couldn’t financially provide for a child.

Furthermore, the pair found out that an emergency C-section needed to be performed and that Nathan would be born premature. Not knowing what health problems the child might encounter, they decided to place him up for adoption.

Washington Post

Robert recalled in an interview, “Back then I wasn’t much of a dad. His biological mom had chosen the adoptive parents because they were somewhat related. Distant cousins, I believe, but I didn’t know that.” He also said that he frequently wondered what had happened to his biological son.

New York Post

As of 2018, Nathan and Robert were still trying to navigate this shocking discovery. It was wild to them that they’d known each other for 2 years, and it never once dawned on them how similar they really were. Nonetheless, Robert was proud of his son for becoming a hard working, successful man.

New York Post

Nathan was thrilled that his birth father would be in attendance to his wedding. The pair was confident their relationship would continue to grow and strengthen, considering their foundation was so strong. Nathan left it at, “We’re just taking one day at a time, one mile at a time, as we say.”

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