18 Photos That Prove Dogs Are The World’s Best Babysitters

Dogs are the best kind of friends, and it seems that they share a special bond with little kids. It’s almost like they will do just about anything for a child. So it’s no surprise why they make great babysitters!

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that pit bulls are nothing like their bad reputation as vicious fighting dogs implies. In fact, for centuries, they were known as the “nanny dog,” and they were often in charge of looking after their family’s children.

If that incredible fact didn’t convince you, here is some heartwarming proof that dogs are the world’s best babysitters…

1. Dogs are naturally good swimmers—they do have a stroke named after them after all. If your child is ever tempted to wade out into the middle of the pool while you’re not looking, you can rest assured that your pooch will do her best to alert you and swim out to help them if they need help.

2. Almost everyone has experienced the joy of coming home after a long, grueling day at work or school and being showered with kisses by your loving pup. They’re the exact same way with children. You might have to battle them over who can give who more kisses.


3. They don’t mind being poked and prodded. If your toddler happens to grab your dog by the jowls because she doesn’t know any better, you don’t have to worry about her being bitten. Dogs are practiced in Babysitter 101, and they know kids don’t mean any harm. They’re just playing! If anything, your kid might get extra licks to the face.


4. Dogs are incredibly patient when it comes to dealing with children. The only thing that they want to do is sneak treats from the dinner table, run around the backyard, and cuddle while your child plays with toys or reads a book. As long as they get to do those things, they’re happy to keep their human partner-in-crime company!


5. Dogs love to play pretend. Just take a look at this little patient at his doctor’s office! He’s waiting calmly as his best friend checks his blood pressure. That’s what babysitting is all about! Dogs are content to indulge in their friends’ imaginations.


6. It’s simply undeniable that dogs and children just make incredibly good friends. Sometimes they get along so well that it appears that they are operating on the same wavelength. That’s how you know they’re meant to spend time with each other.


7. They don’t mind playing dress-up the way some human babysitters might. If you have a particularly relaxed pet, they might even be down for a photo shoot after you try on a few outfits… matched with your child’s, of course!


8. They know how to goof around. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a silly dog? Let your kids be kids and have a good time playing around with their four-legged friends. This will also allow them to tire themselves out, so you can do some relaxing, too.


9. They can teach kids all kinds of new skills. If you think that it’s cool that your dog knows how to fetch, just imagine if your dog teaches your child how to do the same thing. You’ll have newspaper delivery service for life!


10. They’ll never comment on what you wear. Everyone knows that kids are pretty capable of putting together some rather silly outfits. But don’t fret, because dogs aren’t there to judge you or your children’s fashion choices!


11. They love nap time and that’s definitely good news for you. You know how you’ve been wanting to get some things done, but you haven’t had the time to do them? Well, once your pup and your kid are cuddling together, you can take advantage of the break in activity to tackle that to-do list—or take a nap yourself!


12. Did we mention the kisses? Seriously, though, your heart is just going to melt every single time you watch your child and your dog share affection with one another. There’s just something so cute about those little sloppy kisses!


13. They can double as a great transportation service! You won’t have to pay for all those expensive horseback-riding lessons that your children want to take when they can just as easily hitch a ride on the back of the family dog. Yee haw!


14. They love to be groomed and petted. Your child will also learn the importance of taking care of their pet. They need to know that proper grooming of their animals is a must. Not to mention, your dog will totally love all of the attention!


15. They’ll always follow orders, no matter how strange the orders might be. Just take this child, for instance. Dogs are willing to let kids climb all over them. Now you won’t have to worry about becoming your children’s personal jungle gym when your pooch can do it!


16. They offer a shoulder to lean on at any time of the day for your children. When your child needs a place to lay their head while they watch television or catch some Zs, your dog is always there to offer their furry, adorable services.


17. They always enjoy a good staring contest. This is going to eat up a lot of time that your children typically spend bored around the home. They can do this for hours and hours, and there will be a different winner each and every time!


18. They like to soak up the sun during those hot summer days. These little guys will definitely grow up to be the best of friends. Just look at how much fun they’re already having lying on the soft grass with each other, working on their tans.


Of course, you wouldn’t want to leave your child completely unsupervised, but at least you can take solace in knowing that your dog will always have your kid’s best interests at heart.

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