17 Wives Who Played Hilarious Pranks On Their Husbands

Pranks are usually pretty funny, just as long as no one gets physically or emotionally hurt. No doubt, even if you aren’t Ashton Kutcher, there are all sorts of creative ways to prank people that are sure to result in some serious laughs.

Few know just how devastatingly hilarious a well-timed prank can be better than wives. Thanks to their intimate knowledge of what makes their partners squirm, wives just seem to have an innate ability to devise fabulous practical jokes.

Here are 17 pictures of awesome pranks that clever wives played on their significant others. Take notes, everyone!

1. Have you ever heard someone ask for “a little something to eat?” Well, this woman took that phrase to the most literal level possible. Her husband is in for quite the surprise when he sits down to eat this minuscule breakfast!

2. When a couple has kids, the parent who is on diaper duty better follow through with their responsibilities or else this is exactly what should happen. This long line of soiled diapers is not going to be fun to clean up. You’ll definitely need to wash those sheets afterwards, as well.

3. This is just cruel. The morning of her husband’s vasectomy, one woman left him a daunting reminder of what was about to happen. This is the last thing any man needs before he undergoes an operation on his nether regions!

4. Ripped jeans seem to be all the rage these days. One woman promised her hubby she could make him ripped jeans for free. This will probably be the last time he asks her to do any sort of alterations to his clothing.

5. After one husband teased his wife for having OCD-like tendencies, she got back at him in a very appropriate way: after doing the laundry one evening, she mismatched every single pair of his socks. Who’s obsessing now, buddy?

6. This woman knew her husband always went to the bathroom at some point in the middle of the night. She decided to give him the fright of his life by drawing a spider on the toilet paper. Only, she better be prepared when he comes running back into bed without his pants on!

7. “Hey baby, can you take a look at the bathtub? I think there’s a leak in it.” One woman woke her husband up with this simple request. You can imagine how un-amused he was when he walked into the bathroom and saw a leek was, indeed, in the tub.

8. Here’s another midnight bathroom prank that probably sent a husband running for his life. Sure, in the daytime no one would be scared of a stormtrooper, but in the darkness of night, no one wants to find out the First Order has invaded.

9. This lady was sick of her husband taking one bite out of all the food he tried and then leaving it be. She decided to surprise him with some donuts at work, and it looks like she gave him a taste of his own medicine.

10. Keeping things steamy in the bedroom can be a challenge for some couples, especially after years together. This woman wanted to fulfill her husband’s wishes to be sexier in the bedroom, so naturally, she invited Nicolas Cage into the boudoir.

11. Nothing says “manliness” more than bringing your lunch to work in a used Victoria’s Secret bag. At least his wife had the decency to cross out the store’s name. Still, the pink won’t do much to help her hubby avoid the jeers of his friends.

12. When you call a restaurant and order food to be picked up, you can give them any name you want. Well, this wife took full advantage of that and sent her husband to the pizzeria to pick up a pie for someone whose first name was “Sexual.” Must be a family name…

13. This wife was obviously frustrated with the scent that her husband would leave in the bathroom after he emerged. So, she made sure that every guest was fully aware of what they were walking into each time they needed to use the facilities.

14. Writing notes on sandwich baggies is an adorable thing to do when they’re for children. This woman sends her husband to work every day with jokey messages. In reality, this one is pretty darn cute!

15. This thoughtful wife took it upon herself to sign her husband up for a very interesting text message service. Now he’ll be a pro at all things having to do with “back door” fun. Who knows, maybe he’s crossing his fingers that it will be handy one day.

16. This wife pulled a clever fast one on her husband who obviously never familiarized himself with the classic Tommy Tutone song from the ’80s. He better not try calling that number unless he needs to speak to a woman named Jenny.

17. Dessert is served, everyone! This husband got quite the interesting cake on his birthday. His wife pulled out all the stops when she baked him this. Apparently, the words surrounding the phallic shape mean “old prick” in Dutch.

These are great, huh? It takes a good sense of humor to be the butt of a joke, but all these women seem pretty confident that their husbands will laugh it off!

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