15 Times Wives Trolled Their Husbands With Truly Hysterical Results

Marriage is full of highs and lows, and most couples will tell you that it’s often hard work. That’s why it’s important for spouses to have a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh with each other, you’re probably in for a rough go of it.

That being said, what these wives did to troll their husbands is on a whole different level. They’re so good, in fact, that their husbands must have had to stop and give them a round of applause when they found out they’d been made to look foolish.

Here are 15 examples of the best troll jobs wives have ever pulled on their husbands. The results pretty much speak for themselves!

1. Some chocolate-lovers might consider this trolling, but it also might just be a good way to keep your spouse away from the sweets. Still, this is a solid hiding spot where no husband would likely ever venture!


2. This husband made the foolhardy decision to bet his wife that she couldn’t shave his feet without him noticing. Instead, he woke up with no hair on his feet and a pretty radical pedicure!


3. This wife decided to surprise her husband by bringing home a full-sized skeleton and placing it in quite the awkward and hilarious position! We’re willing to bet her husband was rolling on the floor after he saw this.


4. It looks like someone thought the shampoo bottle in the shower could use a little sprucing up! Her husband must have reached for it in the shower one morning and had a good laugh at her shenanigans.


5. This one is just plain evil, but you have to assume that someone probably deserved it. Imagine taking a bite of your lovely ham and cheese sandwich, then looking down for a moment…


This is madness! That is just 100% USDA-certified cold-blooded right there. The “Not Sorry” message really just sells the entire prank. All the points to whoever made this sandwich.


6. This one is good because it doesn’t necessarily come at anyone’s expense (except if their spouse hates ugly decorations). Everyone gets a million of these sorts of flyers, so this is a good harmless way to prank someone with them!


7. The resemblance is absolutely uncanny! This wife made the savvy decision to take photo of her husband and hold it up next to this dog on the box of a flea protector. Definitely twinning, for sure.


8. Oh man, this woman must have driven her husband totally bonkers all day long! It’s like a “kick me” sign, but without any of the potential for physical damage. What a brilliantly devious idea.


9. You know how there are certain things that, once you see them, you just can’t un-see them? That’s what this wife did to her husband after she made this Photoshopped image of the show Gotham.


10. We’re not totally sure if this was intentional or if Mother Nature just has a wicked sense of humor, but darn if it isn’t hilarious. The wife who took this photo to send to her husband must have felt similarly!


11. You open the refrigerator in search of some good snacks when, all of a sudden, you see tons of faces looking back at you! That’s what this husband discovered after his wife pulled off this hilariously cute prank.


12. Everyone loves a handy flow chart, and this guy, evidently named Robbie, has a wife who was kind enough to spell things out for him. It’s clear, helpful, and will hopefully stop him from making regrettable choices.


13. If this isn’t the perfect description of marriage at a certain point, well, what is? “I Tolerate You” all wrapped within an lovely red heart, of course. Tolerance wrapped up in love—now that’s marriage!


14. Joking with your husband doesn’t always have to be directly at his expense. This wife decided to wear a banana costume to her job at a law firm and sent her husband this hysterical photo for evidence.


15. A good marriage is full of moments where knowing how to get your partner’s attention, as well as anticipating their needs, is important. This wife knew just how to make sure her husband would remember his lunch!


It’s tricky sometimes to make a relationship work. Luckily, these folks don’t need any advice—they already know how to make everything better!

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