15 Times Wives Trolled Their Husbands With Truly Hysterical Results

Marriage is full of highs and lows, and most couples will tell you that it’s often hard work. That’s why it’s important for spouses to have a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh with each other, you’re probably in for a rough go of it.

That being said, what these wives did to troll their husbands is on a whole different level. They’re so good, in fact, that their husbands must have had to stop and give them a round of applause when they found out they’d been made to look foolish.

Here are 15 examples of the best troll jobs wives have ever pulled on their husbands. The results pretty much speak for themselves!

1. Some chocolate-lovers might consider this trolling, but it also might just be a good way to keep your spouse away from the sweets. Still, this is a solid hiding spot where no husband would likely ever venture!


2. This husband made the foolhardy decision to bet his wife that she couldn’t shave his feet without him noticing. Instead, he woke up with no hair on his feet and a pretty radical pedicure!


3. This wife decided to surprise her husband by bringing home a full-sized skeleton and placing it in quite the awkward and hilarious position! We’re willing to bet her husband was rolling on the floor after he saw this.


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