Girl Who Was Mocked For Her Rare Birthmark Is All Grown Up

Everyone is uniquely beautiful, and it’s important for us all to remember that instead of judging ourselves based on the standards of others. Unfortunately, people can often be cruel, and their actions impede our abilities to remain confident.

Mariana Mendes of Brazil knows that as well as anyone. After all, she was born with a rare—and very noticeable—skin condition that covers a large part of her face. But she doesn’t let that affect the way she feels about herself.

You won’t believe how lovely she is, and you’re definitely not going to want to miss what she has to say about herself!

Mariana Mendes is a gorgeous 24-year-old woman from Brazil who was born with a rare skin condition called congenital melanocytic nevus. It’s a type of rare mole, and it affects just one in every 20,000 babies.


As a result, Mariana has had a large and noticeable birthmark covering part of her nose and both above and below her right eye. An abnormally high amount of pigment caused the discoloration, making the skin darker. While this was certainly cause for jeers among her classmates growing up, Mariana completely rocks her unique look. Just see her now!


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