Man Turns Down An Offer Of $17,000 To Buy One Of His ‘Priceless’ Sculptures

Artists see the world in a totally unique way—that’s part of what makes them such a valuable part of society. They are able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Unlike the rest of the world, artists view almost everything they see as valuable materials for their creations. For example, when we look at a pile of some wood scraps, we might see garbage—but a true artist wouldn’t feel this way!

Sergei Bobkov is one such artist. He spends his days making beautiful creations that most people would pay top dollar to own… and to make them, he uses something just spectacular.

Sergei Bobkov is a 53-year-old artist who creates his unbelievably intricate creations out of what most people would consider trash: wood chips. Sergei uses only Siberian cedar wood chips for his work. To him, no other type will do!

“It’s not very interesting to do what others can. To create something out of nothing in a completely new way is far more inspiring,” he says. The work he creates is proof of just how true this is. Look at the magic he makes out of tiny, delicate wood chips!

His beautiful art is literally priceless—he will not sell it to even the highest bidder, and bids come in very high. Because of the delicate nature of his chosen medium, Sergei is able to use them to incorporate incredible textures into his sculptures.

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