Wild Hair Stylists Who Let Their Imaginations Run Way Out Of Control

In many ways, hair styling is a criminally underappreciated art. We don’t often think about it, but a truly skilled hairstylist can turn just about anyone’s ‘do into a masterpiece.

Of course, the opposite is just as true. If they’re not careful, a bad hairstylist can actually turn your look into something you’d rather cover with a hat. We’ve all been there, right?

Well, not quite. These folks had hairstylists who really went for it. The results, however, were worse than anyone could imagine possible!

1. “Which haircut do you want, sir?” “Well, you know that moment when you pour milk into your coffee? That.” If nothing else, this look is certainly “inspired” by a popular morning beverage!

Reddit / dbelle92

2. This young man’s droopy spikes certainly look… unique. Ah, high school: when having this look is considered rebellious. Let’s not ignore those bodacious side burns, either. This guy really knew what look he wanted and he made it happen.

GerardF1 / Imgur

3. Talk about a “rat tail!” That’s actually the proper term for this kind of remarkably skinny ponytail, but this young man may have taken it just a bit too literally! If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter.

JeepersMedia / Imgur

4. You may laugh now, but just wait until this real-life anime character goes Super Saiyan on all of us! That’s a Dragon Ball Z reference, for those of you outside of this young man’s target audience.

JokersHarley / Imgur

5. It’s difficult to try to pinpoint what kind of look this man was going for. The best we can do is assume that he told his barber, “Give me something weird.” Afterward, he just let fate decide.

misterxax / Imgur

6. Obviously, this guy loves lizards a lot. So much, in fact, that he actually went ahead and decided to put one on his head. He even added some googly eyes just to make sure no one was confused.

anked / Twitter

7. This is actually the world’s largest dread. Usually, when one thinks of “unruly” hair, they think of it going all over the place. Here, though, it’s quite a bit different. Honestly, that thing probably has to pay for its own seats on planes.

5isterfister / Imgur

8. This woman must have loved helicopters so much that the only way she felt that she could properly express that love was to transform herself into a helicopter-human hybrid! She’s ready for liftoff in three… two… one…

Offensive_Image / Twitter

9. “Give me that paintbrush look.” There’s nothing like a silly haircut to make people notice you. Of course, there’s no telling what they’re going to think, but, you know… they’ll definitely notice.

kappla52 / Reddit

10. Haircuts don’t get much more metal than asking the barber to give you a pair of massive ram horns. Have fun at the Cannibal Corpse show, dude! He could also be going to an LA Rams football game. Maybe he’s doing both?

Sephbeck / Reddit

11. Some people don’t care for seafood, but real foodies know it’s delicious. This guy liked mussels so much that he decided to tell the barber to make him look like one. Mmmm, anyone else hungry? Because we are!

TheGooose / Reddit

12. We all love our fruits and veggies but that doesn’t mean we need to start looking like them! The moment that you decide to start cosplaying as a tomato is the exact moment that you’ll want to reconsider the life choices that led you there.

EvangelinaShark / Twitter

13. This kind of hairstyle would definitely make for an unforgettable night, both for you and everybody who sees your new look! It’s also a great way to smuggle a toaster oven out of Sears (not that we condone that sort of behavior).

Oliviaherb_9 / Twitter

14. “We just LOVE this guy’s haircut. Get it? Love? Anybody? …Anybody?” There’s nothing like a haircut like this to show your appreciation of tennis, right? Although, one wonders how often dogs try to chase his head.

Lifeofdad / Facebook

15. “What kind of haircut do you want?” “The Lisa Simpson.” One could also compare this guy’s hairstyle to the Sydney Opera House, but it’s really in the eye of the beholder. What do you see?

Ibleeedorange / Imgur

16. “Gimme that poodle cut.” Not only does he resemble a show dog, but this cool dude definitely looks like some sort of cross between a hair metal guitarist and… maybe a giant clump of bear fur?

NeverforgetPorkins / Reddit

17. The problem with this sort of haircut is that it’s appropriate for only one very particular situation in life. Sure, we all like to sleep in class, but eventually you’ll graduate. Okay, maybe not.

xxvalkyriexx / Imgur

18. Read this to the tune of Spongebob Squarepants theme song: “Are you ready kids? (Aye aye, captain!) Oooooh… who has a weird hairdo and isn’t under the sea? This dude! This dude!” You should see what his friend did to look like Patrick…

bemedics / Twitter

19. Move over, Carrot Top, you have some serious competition! If this woman decides to get into prop comedy, well, she’s nailed it! She’s clearly going to be taking her act out to Vegas in no time.

big_rick_dawg / Reddit

20. While this haircut may look cool now, just wait until this young man has to walk through a door. He probably won’t look so cool then. That’s to say nothing of that fact that he looks like a human blush brush, either…

K_I_N_T_A_R_O / Twitter

These hairstyles are all completely hilarious, but surely the people wearing them have enough self-awareness to realize that. You can’t have hair like this without knowing what you’re doing!

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