How This Man Is Tricking Everyone Into Believing In Something That’s Not Really There

Many people have a talent or specialty—something that distinguishes them from the crowd— And in most cases, we’d like to believe that people with these gifts use them for good. However, one man from Germany is taking his unique talent and making some serious waves.

Stefan Pabst started creating some very deceptive circumstance when he was just a little kid, and to his family’s surprise, he never grew out of it. Instead, he decided to make it his full-time career! Now, his work is attracting the attention of the world and making many of us question what reality really is…

At first glance, this appears to be a glass of water sitting dangerously close to the edge of a table. But appearances can be deceiving, and very often your eyes can play tricks on you. Would you believe that’s no glass at all?

In actuality, it’s the work of artist Stefan Pabst, who uses oil paints and dry brushes to create totally singular 3-D painting experiences. “I want to show that you can do anything with painting,” he says. “I want to show the magic of painting.”

Stefan says that the key to his work is time and patience. Looking at this river trout that practically seems to be diving off the page, it’s clear that he has more than honed his craft over time. Just look at that detail! But you haven’t seen anything yet…

Check out this piece of art Stefan made featuring a wild white stallion. The horse looks so alive that you can practically feel it itching for Stefan to finish up those final details so he can gallop off into the sunset…

This little girl can’t believe what she’s seeing! She knows that this is just a picture of a butterfly, but the way Stefan has executed the image makes it truly captivating all the same. It looks like it’s going to fly away!

If you walked into an artist’s studio and saw this mess of paint and flowers, you might think that this person was a total slob—but that’s not the case here! Stefan loves sharing his passion for painting itself in his art. How “meta” is this one?

These droplets look so realistic that it’s hard to resist the urge to reach out and wipe all of that water away. Can you believe that they were made by a paintbrush? How does he do it?

Is there anything cuter than a miniature dolphin? Stefan has proven that there is: a miniature dolphin that looks like it’s diving right into your hand! This painting is like an animal lover’s fantasy come to life.

Either this little girl is braver than most adults, or she was told right away that the giant tarantula in the room wasn’t alive—just a very realistic drawing. 

And here’s another brave little girl with a much different approach to the big spider on the ground. It might be a cool work of art, but it still gives us the heebie-jeebies!

Stefan loves using this 3-D painting technique so much that he’s thinking about putting together a book on the subject. Looking at his ability to transform things in this magical way, there’s no doubt anything he publishes will be a smash hit.

When Stefan isn’t busy using his incredible skills to bring life to small animals and insects, he’s creating homages to his favorite movie franchises and to the characters he loves from pop culture. Just check out this stellar rending of Darth Vader!

While he’s perfectly capable of creating beautiful and charming images, he’s also not afraid to get a little bit dark, too! Check out this 3-D clown head he created and just try not to let it haunt your nightmares…

Some of Stefan’s strongest 3-D projects are the pencil drawings he creates of simple and ordinary objects like a metallic sphere. Don’t you just want to reach out with both hands and grab it? It’s so realistic!

Can you imagine opening up a notebook and discovering that it contained a deep hole like this? Who can possibly guess what’s waiting for folks at the bottom of this cunning little optical illusion? (All those missed homework assignments, perhaps?)

Who says that LEGO bricks are just for kids? When Stefan is working on rendering giant 3-D versions of the toy building blocks, they are just plain cool enough to attract anyone. Talk about a conversation piece!

Stefan doesn’t just produce work to entertain; he also supports political causes. After terror attacks on France, he created this piece entitled “In Solidarity With Paris.” It’s not just a beautiful piece of art—it’s a touching statement, too.

In addition to creating images that seem to pop right off the page, Stefan has also mastered the art of creating totally photorealistic paintings. Check out this stunning work of a woman’s eye. Doesn’t it look like a photograph?

Chances are it will take you a long time of looking at this drawing before you even realize which parts of it are a drawing and which parts of it are real objects sitting on the paper! That’s just the magic of what Stefan and his pen can do…


People just can’t seem to get enough of Stefan’s tremendous abilities. His goal as an artist was to show just how magical art can be. He’s definitely succeeded on that front—and then some!

The optical illusions Stefan creates are nothing short of mesmerizing. But what happens when a similarly skilled artist ditches the paper for skin? 

Artists employ all sorts of mediums to create their work. Some of them use a simple paintbrush to make their masterpieces, while others mold their works out of clay or glass. One thing’s for certain, though: there’s no one correct way to produce art.

Italian artist and photographer Johannes Stötter spent years perfecting his craft, but the canvases he used for his creations were very… unique, to say the least. In fact, it even takes a minute for art connoisseurs to interpret his works…


Johannes was a painter by trade, willing to paint on any canvas, no matter the shape or size, so long as it fits one unusual requirement. See, this bizarre image might look like a photograph of rocks. But it’s not.

In reality, Johannes painted bodies! Using meticulous attention to detail, he carefully concealed his human subjects in still-life arrangements. It took hours to paint his models, but the finished products were nothing short of mind-bending.


Some of Johannes’ models were so camouflaged that you wouldn’t ever know they were there unless someone pointed them out. It took years of practice to learn how to paint the human body like this — so what inspired him to tackle the challenge?


Johannes said his inspiration came from the changing seasons, nature, and everyday objects. He never really had a complete idea of what he was going to paint until the feeling overcame him. Then, he went to work and didn’t stop until his vision was complete.

Saatchi Art

The way he visualized the world was unlike anything else. All artists have a natural gift to see things in a creative way, but Johannes took art to an entirely new level — and it’s clear that his fans loved it!

The detail that he captured on skin was incredible. The texture didn’t allow for any errors, so Johannes planned his ideas out thoroughly before he even puts one single drop of paint onto his human canvases.

This looks like it’s nothing more than a picture of four people enjoying a nice meal. But, then you see it: a person is lying on the table! Whatever the pattern, Johannes could replicate it perfectly. That marble must’ve really taken some work, though!

Texas Hill Country

This was, arguably, one of his best pieces of work. A quick glance would lead you to believe that this is just a simple photo of two parrots. Take a closer look. Yep, it’s painted people. A masterpiece like this took countless hours to produce.

Johannes was the master of body camouflage, but body paint wasn’t the only way for a person to hide a secret in the paint. In fact, artists have been burying secrets in some of their most famous works for centuries.

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